Five Random Photos Shared for November ’15

Hey now! It appears to be time for photos. Queue up and get some!


Find the ToFurkey! (A new Thanksgiving tradition where no actual turkey was eaten.)
Thanksgiving 2015


Seahawks at Cowboys and other ways to barely win.
AT&T Stadium - Texas


Hot sand, good for dune bashing.
Dubai dunes


Waterslide inside a shark tank? Check.
Aquadventure - Dubai


Colorful and woody.



Seahawks vs. Cowboys


Dunes in Dubai at sunset
Dubai dunes at sunset


Marina & the Diamonds at Lincoln Theatre

Five Random Photos Shared for October ’15

Giving the masses what they don’t want!


That’s far.
Army Ten-Miler 2015


Excuse me, there are purple things in your stew.


Jaunting the Billy Goat Trail, Section B.
Billy Goat Trail Section B


I suspect that is a leaf. Thoughts?
Fall Foliage


Oh my! Texas barbecue at Angelo’s in Fort Worth.
Texas BBQ at Angelo's

Things About Texas You Probably Already Know, So Don’t Mess With Reading This

I messed with Texas in September. Some of it anyway. Houston, Fort Worth and Arlington.

What random facts can I claim knowledge of?

They have amazing BBQ – We tried Riscky’s in Fort Worth and Rudy’s in Arlington.

Let's eat some BBQ at Riscky's
Let’s eat some BBQ at Riscky’s
Hells ya
Hells ya

Their Major League baseball teams sucked (this year) – Yes, the Houston Astros (70-92) and the Texas Rangers (67-95)  finished 4th and 5th in their division respectively. And the Rangers were the worst team in the American league! We went to two games in Houston and one game in Arlington. More on that in another post.


They have more tacos then there are stars in the sky* – Tacos are good.

A la The Taco Diner
A la The Taco Diner
Dessert tacos!
Dessert tacos!

They have fairly decent breweries – Saint Arnold Brewing and Karbach Brewing (Houston) and Rahr & Sons (Fort Worth) Brewing all saw their liquid gold pass through my lips and down my throat. Visionary Brew (pumpkin) by Rahr & Sons and Oktoberfest by Saint Arnold were both solid.

Saint Arnold at the ballpark
Saint Arnold at the ballpark

They like turning ‘ice houses’ into beer gardens/bars – and why wouldn’t you after electricity made the ice houses obsolete?

Everything is big, including the portions – At the Old West Cafe in Arlington they have a 5-page breakfast menu separate from the lunch menu! Or at the Embassy Suites, you get free breakfast and can eat like a pig. Or just get the chicken and red velvet waffle at Onion Creek.

Chicken and red velvet waffle!
Chicken and red velvet waffle!


They like a bit of art – We went to the Menil Collection museum in Houston and had a bit of wander about the exhibits. No photos! Next door was the Rothko Chapel, which literally had 14 paintings of black. Nothing but black. Look it up. Or don’t. Instead stroll around the Discovery Green in Houston.

Outside The Menil Collection
Outside The Menil Collection
Balling on Discovery Green
Balling on Discovery Green


They want you to fear the frog – and you should. The TCU Horned Frog is no joke.




* This claim lacks research, and frankly plausibility.

Useless Road Trip Facts, and Other Undertakings

I feel pressure (in my head), to write something about my recent road trip to Texas and back. And I will. You hope.

In the meantime, let’s ooh and aww over some jawdroppingly useless facts:

Start and end point: Washington, D.C.

Miles driven: 3,465 miles

Days traveled: 11 days

States visited: Seven (Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas)

New states: Three (Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas)

Speeding tickets: Two

Times drank coffee: Infinity

Wiener dogs riding shotgun: One

Baseball Stadiums visited: Two (Houston and Texas)

Times ate BBQ: Three (Alabama, Texas x 2)

Photos taken: 197

Museums visited: One and done

Cities stayed in/visited: 6 (Gatlinburg, TN; New Orleans, LA; Houston, TX; Arlington, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Nashville, TN)

Tacos eaten: Confirmed

Free drinks from the hotel’s happy hour open bar: Burp

Texas girls deserving a double take: Hey now!

Local pumpkin beers consumed: Three

Times I wanted to photograph Nolan Ryan’s beef: Everytime


What were you thinking I meant?
What were you thinking I meant?

Five Random Vacation Photos Shared in September ’14

Sage advice. Too bad I read this after I used the urinal...
Sage advice. Too bad I read this after I used the urinal…


The only thing risky was the amount of BBQ they give you.
The only thing risky was the amount of BBQ they give you.


Power nap before his driving shift.
Power nap before his driving shift.


Random courtyard in Nawlins'
Random courtyard in Nawlins’


Don't mess with Texas. Seriously, their wieners will hurt you.
Don’t mess with Texas. Seriously, their wieners will hurt you.


If ever a photo didn't need a caption, I would guess this is it.
If ever a photo didn’t need a caption, I would guess this is it.


In a recent post, Choices, I hypothesized two potential road trips I could take in September.

It’s time to reveal The Decision!

Dun dun dun…

I’m going to Houston and Dallas to see Minute Maid Park and Globe Life Stadium in Arlington!

I’ll also stop in for a Sounders game in Dallas.

Round trip from D.C. is a mere 3516 miles!

Along the way, I’ll stop at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and a night in New Orleans. On the way back, I’ll probably stop off in Nashville.

Kuma is excited to ride shotgun. Somewhere in all this, we’ll eat good food, try new beers and listen to lots of music.

Map it!


On the road again. I just can’t wait to get on the road again.