186 for March: Tornado of Tweets

My grandiose goal for March is to learn how to use Twitter better and tweet more often.

March Goal: Post 186 tweets

There are three Twitter accounts I manage and contribute to.

A flurry of two tweets a day for any single account is plenty.

My math formula unleashed:


This is no small feat, since historically my tweeting prowess is suspect. For example, I’ve been dropping 140 character slander snippets on my personal account for three years. On average, I post 1/2 a tweet a day! Hardly inspiring.

I’m making a play for a 300% increase! Not even Frank Underwood* would have the acute acumen to attempt aforesaid action!

@ARandomJourney – This is my personal Twitter handle, which I use as an extension of this blog to promote the various posts. I also share random thoughts and links. All opinions are mine, unless you disagree with them. Then they are 300% more mine.


@UW_DCDawgs – A new Twitter handle for the DC Chapter of the University of Washington Alumni Association, affectionately known as DC Dawgs (the UWAA likes us to say DC Huskies…). We started it to promote the various activities we organize and the sports teams we participate in. Go Dawgs!


@ProgEffective – I use this for work, to promote various documents, tools and ideas that would be useful to staff and other people interested. The name ProgEffective is short for Programme Effectiveness, which is the area I work in. This may sound exciting and all, but next time I’ll pick an easier on the eye handle.


Let’s the Tweeting Games begin!


P.S. I resisted the urge to coin the phrase ‘Tweetnado’. You’re welcome.

* I encourage you to binge watch ‘House of Cards’. Do it.

Danger! Danger! Imminent Social Media Overload

I am enabled. Enabled to do bad, bad things. And you are the victim (or the beneficiary).

First, I purchased a sleek new iPad 2 and have downloaded more apps than there are snowflakes on Mt. Rainer.

Second, I just received my brand new iPhone 4.

Now, all social media and networking possibilities are at my fingertips. I can pump out content like Charlie Sheen pumps out craziness. On location. Live. Every waking second of the day.

I can drop nuggets of truth at the slightest provocation. My wittily crafted missives can clog up your dozens of social networks. Instead of considered and time appropriate content delivered via my laptop, I can overpower your social media feeds with off-the-cuff, stream of consciousness, unrelenting brilliance. My every whim is your new reality. All thanks to Apple and Steve Jobs. A round of applause, please.

How do you benefit?

1) I can check-in and earn badges everywhere I go via Foursquare. Benefit: The cool restaurants and bars will show up on your ‘trending’ searches.

2) I can tweet and retweet until I’m blue in the face. Benefit: You will have access to wisdom beyond your years.

3) I can share the minutia of my day via Facebook. Benefit: Boredom will never be a problem for you.

4) I can write something once and channel it to multiple social media outlets via Hootsuite. Benefit: You can get the same content multiple times – less risk you will overlook it.

5) I can Skype on the go. Benefit: You can chat with me anytime.

6) I can start doing stuff on Google+ (beware it will be brilliant!). Benefit: Access to uncharted content.

7) I can yam away all day and night on Yammer (for work). Benefit: I am the 9th most influential yammerer, so you know what I say is impactful.

8) I can accept invitations from friends and colleagues on LinkedIn. Benefit: You will see I am also professional or something.

9) I can wistfully remember when MySpace mattered. Benefit: You too can be wistful.

10) And I can of course continue to blog until the cows come home right here on WordPress. Benefit: Life-long learning and knowledge of the world.

There are ways you could benefit even more, but let’s save it for the sequel. Now I need to tweet out the contents of my brain.