500,000 for November 2018: Steps

November is World Vision International’s 2nd annual Walking Challenge.

Last year I finished 3rd overall with 644,051 steps in 42 days (it ran from 8/21 to 10/1/17). The 1st and 2nd place finishers were FAR, FAR ahead of me (200,000 and 100,000 more steps respectively).

Last year my average was 15,335 steps per day. Not too bad…but let’s up the game and go for an average of 16,667 steps per day to reach 500,000 in 30 days!


Goal for November: Finish with 500,000 total steps.


Also, I’ve been participating in the Capital Bikeshare Bike Angels program, and in the first three months finished #5, #5 and #4 in the overall points rankings (for the whole city!).

My last point total was 253 in October, so let’s double it and set my November goal to 500 points!


Second Goal for November: Finish with 500 total Bike Angel points.


It is on!

372 for July-August 2017: Miles, Miles, Miles!

I haven’t been putting too many monthly goals together the last year or so, so I suspect this will be a real treat for you. Finally doing another one! The wait must have been excruciating.

This goal is dead simple.

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36 for July: Miles Running

I haven’t done a single Random Goal this year!

Boo, me.

So why not try a goal I have no chance of completing? As mentioned in previous posts, whenever I do a running goal *poof* fail.

But in October I’ll be running the Army Ten-Miler for the third time. In August, I’ll be doing a backpacking trip in Colorado. And I want to run an 8K or 10K sometime before October.

So, the point, I need to train. I need to run baby. Run like Forrest.

It’s already July 7th, so only 24 days left.

July Goal: Run 36 miles

It is on.


Bold Predictions for 2016

2016 will be more than 2015. In the sense that I will invent even bolder predictions and fail even bigger. That’s the theory.

I didn’t do well on the 2015 bold predictions front, but that can be forgiven because no one is holding me accountable! (Right?)

Yet, I still did a lot. I went to eight different countries, but only one new one. I waded along beaches, rafted along crocodile infested rapids, climbed the head of a lion, those types of things.

I didn’t run all that much, but I hiked a fair bit. I played a lot of sports, from volleyball to softball to soccer to flag football. I watched a lot of sports as well, mostly football (Seahawks and Huskies) and some baseball. I went to a ton of music concerts…and reviewed a few.

What does 2016 have in store?

The theme is ‘More than 2015 or bust‘.


In 2016, I predict I will…

…visit two new baseball stadiums. Only four left!

…read 33 books (one more than last year); watch 101 movies (one more than last year).

…visit two new countries (one more than last year).

…run in at least four races (one more than last year).

…find a reason to do something even crazier than the last time.

…hike over 250 total miles. (Last year I hiked 185)

…take no prisoners and give no shits.

…pick a few musicians and go deep into their music catalog.

…binge watch three new TV shows.

…play with two puppies.



Let’s look at how I fared from my 2015 list:

Success rate: 6/10

…visit three new baseball stadiums. Surprised? Result: Nope, I only went to one this year. St. Louis.

…do something crazy. Climb a mountain crazy. Run a half-marathon crazy. Crazy like that. Result: I went white water rafting down the Zambezi River and waved to the crocodiles! Cray cray.

…read at least 35 books. I haven’t read that much the past few years. Doubling down. Results: Nope. I only got to 32! So close!

…read seven books I own that I haven’t read. I estimate I have over 30 unread books lying around! Results: Well now…no, I only managed to read five.

…run 300 miles. That’s 25 miles per month. That sucks. Results: Hahahaha! Wow, I failed this one miserably! I ran 86 miles. I’ll blame the fact that I didn’t run much the first few months because I had thrown out my back. But to be fair, I knew that fact when I made the prediction.

…get myself to at least one new country. I haven’t been to a new country since 2012. Result: Boom! United Arab Emirates!

…write more. Result: Yes and no. I wrote more for the blog Parklife DC, but wrote somewhat less for this blog. But overall, it was more!

…volunteer to be a commissioner of a sports league. (Hint: I already did this for volleyball…victory! 1-0 already!) Result: Done.

…win a championship with one of the sports teams I play on. Let’s do this! Result: Our sand volleyball team won a championship via forfeit. Lame, but another team I was on should have won it all also, but the league scheduled the final match on a day no one was available to play. I call victory.

…play with a puppy. Result: Of course.

Cutthroat Lakes (Walt Bailey Trail)
Cutthroat Lakes (Walt Bailey Trail)

65 for October/November: Projects + Miles Running

Whenever I do a goal that features running, I fail. I’m just not a consistent runner. Or maybe just not highly motivated.

I successfully completed the Army Ten-Miler on October 11 (running 8.5 out of 10 miles). I didn’t really train, so I did better than expected time wise and in the ratio of running to walking.

I’m going to try another race in November. Hopefully a 10K (an 8K would be okay), so I will keep the ‘training’ alive for now.

I also need to do some cleaning and sorting around my apartment. I have tons of old clothes to donate, stacks of papers to deal with, and a general amount of ‘what do I do with this old thing?’ to figure out. Maybe I’ll even entertain once the place is immaculate. (Haha, don’t count on it!)


October/November Goal: Complete enough projects in my apartment and run enough miles so they total 65

Let’s get busy!

Stay Strong
Stay Strong

187 for May: Mopping Up the Miles

I made myself a goal to run, hike or bike 550 miles in four months. I failed. Big time.

So I’m punishing myself by having to finish the goal over the month of May. With a 26 mile penalty added.

Goal for May: Hike, run or bike 187 miles to make up for the fact that I didn’t finish my January-April Goal.

This is six miles a day. Or, more likely, zero miles for 30 days and 187 miles in one day!



Here’s the epic failure laid bare:

Goal for January-April: Hike, run or bike 550 miles total. Just do it.

  • Running = 8.92 miles (weak!)
  • Hiking = 168.25 miles (robust!)
  • Biking = 211.88 miles (not enough!)

Total: 389.05 miles

Result: Fail! By 161 miles!

I will blame travel…about 4+ weeks of being away. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The One Day Hike (31.1 miles) gave me a boost, but not big enough.

Just a walking down the trail
Just a walking down the trail


550 for January-April: Miles

I’m a little slow in posting this goal.

I guess you can say I’ve been doing other things… And I have been working on this goal since January, but I can report I’m woefully behind. Woefully. A March Madness miracle is in order.

I do have the 50K One Day Hike in late April to look forward to, along with a few training hikes, so maybe that will be the difference!


Goal for January-April: Hike, run or bike 550 miles total. Just do it.


Just a hike in the land Down Under
Just a hike in the land Down Under



My last goal was in December. Let’s peek at how I fared.

Goal for December: Do all 11 items on my freshly minted To Do List.

Total: 9 (out of 11)

Result: Fail!


December To Do List

  1. Touch snow – I would say go skiing, but my back may not have recovered enough by then. Result: No. I could have driven an hour and stuffed frigid snow down someone’s back. But I didn’t. Instead, upon my return to DC, it snowed.
  2. Attend two Seattle Seahawks games – One in Philadelphia and one in Seattle. Result: Boom, son! Done!
  3. Grace Portland, OR or Vancouver, B.C. with my presence – They both need it! Result: Indeed. I hit up Portland for an evening of…stuff. I believe alcohol and karaoke reared their ugly heads. Don’t quote me.
  4. Watch two Oscar buzz movies in the theater – With extra butter. Result: Yep. Wild and Unbroken.
  5. Take a hike – I need to find out what bears do in the woods. Result: True. I did a quick 8-mile jaunt along the Foothills Trail in Orting.
  6. Eat a Dick’s Drive-In (Seattle) Deluxe burger – Eat it! Result: I ate it.
  7. Try 10 new beers – AKA beers I’ve not had the pleasure or displeasure of drinking before. Result: This I did in abundance. I should get extra credit, because I had about 25 new beers…but who can remember?
  8. Eat at Thai Tom (Seattle) – Or any Thai restaurant on this Seattle Times list. Result: No. I tried, but the line to get in was out the door. So I went to a different Thai restaurant a few blocks away.
  9. Visit Two Beers Brewing Co. (Seattle) – Or any brewery I haven’t yet visited in Seattle. Result: Burp.
  10. Visit one Espresso Vivace coffee shop (Seattle) – Or any coffee shop from this King 5 list around Washington state. Result: Sipped! 
  11. Wild Card – Add something awesome when I think of it. Result: I can add anything here, right? Well, I’ll put down the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, because it is crazy excess for coffee lovers.


Starbucks or something like it.
Starbucks or something like it.


Bold Predictions for 2015

In 2015, I predict I will…

…visit three new baseball stadiums. Surprised?

…do something crazy. Climb a mountain crazy. Run a half-marathon crazy. Crazy like that.

…read at least 35 books. I haven’t read that much the past few years. Doubling down.

…read seven books I own that I haven’t read. I estimate I have over 30 unread books lying around!

…run 300 miles. That’s 25 miles per month. That sucks.

…get myself to at least one new country. I haven’t been to a new country since 2012.

…write more.

…volunteer to be a commissioner of a sports league. (Hint: I already did this for volleyball…victory! 1-0 already!)

…win a championship with one of the sports teams I play on. Let’s do this!

…play with a puppy.



Let’s look at how I fared from my 2014 list:

Success rate: 7.5/10

…read four ‘classic’ science fiction novels. From this listDone! See the which ones here.

…participate in three races. Maybe even a sprint triathlon? 1/2 credit for this one. I paid for three races, but was out-of-town for one and hurt my back for another. I did run the Army Ten-Miler however.

…prance about in at least one new country. Maybe Croatia? Nope. I went to Malaysia and Thailand this year, but I’d been to both countries before.

…visit 2-3 new baseball stadiums. Yes! Went to Globe Life Stadium (Texas Rangers) and Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros).

…attend another music festival. Maybe the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware? Oh yeah! I made it to the 3rd annual Firefly Music Festival.

…find a new job. True. I started working on e-learning for WV’s information management system.

…hike more than last year. Benchmark: 17 hikes/177.5 miles. Fail. I did a scant 14 hikes/154.75 miles.

…finish watching the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Top 100 movies and all the Oscar Best Picture winners. Don’t get too excited, I only have 18 movies remaining. Boom! Done!

…cook more. I got a CSA share of veggies and cooked lots of new things. And I slapped together mucho sloppy tacos.

…win. I played on six different sports teams throughout the year (volleyball x 3, soccer, softball and flag football). We won 29 games I played in. Oh yeah. (But not because of me…). Plus the Seattle Seahawks went 3-0 in games I attended.



75 for September/October: Sporting Events + Running

Football season is finally here!

Over the next couple months, I’ll be attending or watching or playing in a good number of sporting events. To make my monthly goal easier, I’ll just add all those up and call it awesome. Plus I’m still training for the Army 10-miler on October 12th, so I’m sure to run a heaping helping of miles.

September/October Goal: Watch, play in or attend enough sporting events and run enough miles so they total 75

Here are some of the ways I can top-up on sporting events:

  1. Play Fall flag football games
  2. Play Fall volleyball matches
  3. Run the Army 10-miler
  4. Attend University of Washington Football Watch Parties
  5. Attend Seattle Seahawks Watch Parties
  6. Attend two Seattle Mariners road games (in Houston)
  7. Attend one Texas Rangers game (in Arlington)
  8. Attend the October 6th Monday Night Football game: Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Football Club
  9. Attend one Seattle Sounders road game (in Dallas)

Get it!


Now let’s look at how I did for my July goal…

July Goal: Complete enough projects in my apartment and run enough miles so they total 35

Final stats:

  • Run = 30.35 miles
  • Projects = 5

Total: 35.35

Result: Success

First off, I hurt my back in mid-July. Probably doing too many activities. So for one week, I didn’t run. Rather then scrap the goal, I just added an extra week into August. I make the rules.

I did not do nearly as many projects around my apartment as needed, but it was good to get the few I did do out-of-the-way.

List of projects:

  1. Took out the epic piles of recycling
  2. Sorted a year’s worth of restaurant cards and movies stubs
  3. Cleaned my book shelf and gave away a number of books
  4. Cleaned my living room, especially the table which had become a reckless pile
  5. Set up a iPod/iPhone speaker in my living room


And how about my August goal?

August Goal: Watch zero TV shows

Boom clap! Success!


Five Random Photos Shared in July ’14

Just a view on a run
Just a view on a run


Yards Park at dusk. Don't go into the light...
Yards Park at dusk. Don’t go into the light…


Your wish is my command!
Your wish is my command!


Don't worry, I did.
Don’t worry, I did.


Last softball game in the shadows of the tallest obelisk.
Last softball game in the shadows of the tallest obelisk.

35 for July: Projects + Miles Running

Here at the Random Journey headquarters in Washington, D.C., we’ve decided to get a lot crazy in July.

The super nutty, wacky, absurd, foolish, cray cray sort of crazy.


Because I plan on doing projects around my apartment (cleaning, sorting, putting together, drudgery) AND running a butt load of miles.

Now why would I do such a stupid thing as cleaning? Or running, for that matter?


Dare I say, my apartment needs it. And I haven’t been supportive of my apartment’s needs thus far. When the dust bunnies are breeding like regular bunnies, that’s a clue.

Running is a different level of craziness. I signed up to run the Army 10-miler in October. I have about 3-1/2 months to figure out how to either run 10 miles or find a way to cheat during the race. Time will tell which way I go.


July Goal: Complete enough projects in my apartment and run enough miles so they total 35


Let’s get ready!

Not ready for this...
Not ready for this…


14 for June/July: New Coffee Shops

I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake. – Lewis Black



For my next goal, I wish to drink coffee. Lots of it. So, let’s go find some new coffee shops in Washington, D.C. or other random places.

June/July Goal: Visit 14 new coffee shops

I rate a good coffee shop with the following Yes/No criteria:

  • Is the coffee good? (Doesn’t matter, I’ll just order a mocha or vanilla latte).
  • Good ambience?
  • Plenty of seats? Roomy?
  • Outside seating?
  • Does it offer free, do-it-yourself water?
  • Free wi-fi?
  • Food or baked goods?
  • Non-key access bathroom?

I’ll probably try to work from a few coffee shops once a week or so, to escape the office!

Drink up!


Let’s look at how I did for my April/May goal!


April/May Goal: Hike and run 140 miles

Final stats: 140.11 miles

Result: Success!

Totals breakdown:

  • Running = 8.55 miles
  • Hiking = 131.56 miles


I busted out a 12 mile hike on the last day and completed this beast.

I did not run as much as I intended to. I also missed the Semper Fi 5K because I was flying home from hot and rainy Thailand.

But I did complete the One Day Hike (31.1 miles) and a practice hike (26.6 miles) that saved the day!

C & O Canal Towpath
C & O Canal Towpath


Take a bow.

140 for April/May: Miles Hiking and Running

I trust you’ve survived the wacky winter.

The time is nigh to get outside. Bust out a hammock.

Or rather run. Hike. Walk your wiener dog. Get some sun on your face. Don a bikini or speedo.

Whatever it takes. Be active.


April/May Goal: Hike and run 140 miles


Coming up, I have the One Day Hike on April 26th (50 kilometers) and the Semper Fi 5K on May 10th.

And some practice hikes and runs.

140 miles shouldn’t be too terrible over two months.

Let’s get it on!


Here is the successful report out on my first random goal of 2014.

January/February Goal: Exercise 33 days (out of 59)

Final stats: 34 days exercising

Result: Success

Totals breakdown:

  • Running = 8.5 miles
  • Hiking = 18.3 miles
  • Biking = 125 miles
  • Volleyball games = 39
  • Skiing = 1 day

Even though I technically succeeded, I could have done more.

One volleyball match (3 games) counted. Riding a bike for 4 miles in one day counted. This is exercise, sure, but I wasn’t always pushing myself.

I was successfully active. Let’s go with that.



820 + 11 for December: Les Misérables

My goal in December is to finish reading the epic tome, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

It’s only been 274 days since I started. I only have 820 pages left (out of 1463 total).

And to prevent myself from sitting on my ass too much and to further my misery, for every 75 pages I read, I have to run one mile in the freezing cold!

Oh joy!

December Goal: Read Les Misérables and run 11 miles.

Misery loves company!

The real page turner
The real page turner

Many the Miles

In July and August both my random goals were about clocking miles and keeping the blood pumping. Since this is an exhaustively fact-based blog, I crunched a bevy of numbers and dug deep for timely, hard-hitting analysis. That is a fact.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and shoot our veins with sweet, sweet PEDs.


August Goal: Run 21 miles AND play 3 tennis matches.

  • Running = 10.2 miles
  • Tennis matches = 4

Result: Fail

Analysis: I just couldn’t get off my tuckus enough times to run 21 miles (who comes up with these numbers anyway?). I don’t run more then 2-3 miles at a time, so I have to find more times to run. I did find time to play some tennis. I went 1-3 in the four matches, including a tense, down to the wire loss, 7-6 (7-5), 0-6, 6-7 (7-9). No. I. Didn’t.


July Goal: Run, hike or bike 190 total miles.

Max for any category was 43% of total (81.7 miles).

  • Running = 26.6 miles
  • Hiking = 81.7 miles (.36 extra)
  • Biking = 81.7 miles (2.3 extra)

Total: 190 miles (plus 2.66 extra)

Result: Success

Analysis: Boom! I did it. It really sucked! Peace!

Yeah, this was really hard because I traveled to Washington State for the last seven days. I managed to get a good hike in at Mt. St. Helen’s (8 miles) and did some runs the last few days, including a last-minute (like 10pm on July 31st) 2.5 mile run to pull it off. I could have quit or stopped or said fuggedaboutit. Trust me, I really wanted to. I don’t win anything. I don’t make any money on this. But it’s forever immortalized on this insipid blog, so I went the extra mile to get those many miles. Now you know.


Year-to-date monthly goals success/failure rate: 4-2

See all random goals

Many the Miles

‘There’s too many things that I haven’t done yet
Too many sunsets
I haven’t seen
You can’t waste the day wishing it’d slow down
You would’ve thought by now
I’d have learned something’Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles

21 + 3 for August: Running + Tennis

My random goal for August is to maintain a general fitness routine, but not make it overly ambitious or difficult.

July was difficult (post coming) and I’m nothing if not lazy, especially in August! (My goal for August 2012 was to go on vacation…)

August Goal: Run 21 miles AND play 3 tennis matches.

I joined a tennis league (TennisDC), so we’ll see how often I can get out to play.

I need to run a bit to stay in serviceable* shape for the upcoming flag football season.

Stay aces.


* Hahahaha. Yeah right.

190 for July: Miles

It’s that time again. Time to start sweating and surviving heat strokes in the D.C. humidity.

Since my last two random monthly goals were about eating food, I should get back into an exercise routine this month.

July Goal: Run, hike or bike 190 total miles.

Last time I did a goal like this (July, 2012), I ended up doing well over half of the miles while biking (63% of the total), so I’m instituting a condition this month.

No single activity can exceed 43% of the total. Maximum biking is: 81.70 miles.

That’s also why I’m doing less total than last year – it’s harder to get in running and hiking miles as they take more time.

Sweat it out!


Reflections, Ruminations and Results

All you need to know – April was a success. Unfortunately for you, I never end my posts so abruptly or concisely.

April Goal: Do a bunch of random things in multiples of five.

Result: Success!

Things I committed to

  1. Five hikes of over five miles – Yes I did!
  2. Run five times over 5,555 feet – Yes I did!
  3. Attend five concert sets of five songs or more – Yes I did!
  4. Play in five sports games/matches (softball and volleyball) – Yes I did!
  5. Watch five movies (In honor of Roger Ebert) – Yes I did!

Things I added

  1. Unlock five Foursquare badges – Yes I did!
  2. Drink five new beers – Yes I did!


None at this time, thanks for asking.


I’m weird.


Five hikes of over five miles – I did hikes of 5, 5, 13, 15 and 31 miles. Total = 5 hikes (69 miles)

Run five times over 5,555 feet – I ran 1.25, 1.50, 1.50, 2 and 1.50. Total = 5 runs (7.75 miles)

Attend five concert sets of five songs or more – Stay tuned for a full report on the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Total = 25 concert sets

Play in five sports games/matches (softball and volleyball) – I played in three volleyball matches and three softball games. Total = 6 matches/games

Watch five movies (In honor of Roger Ebert) – I watched Red Dawn (2012), Swing Time, Girl Rising, Life of Pi and The Dark Knight Rises. Total = 5 movies

Unlock five new Foursquare badges – I unlocked the Fixer Upper, Schmear, AT&T Final Four Fanatic 2013, 4sqDay 2013 and Coachella 2013 badges. Total = 5 badges

Five new beers – I started using the app UNTAPPD to track beers I’ve tried. Total = 15 new beers

peace and merriment and to all a good night

Five for April

Five for April: Everything

Since I have a busy month coming up and lack any ability to focus on one thing at a time, my goal for April is in multiples of five.

This month I travel to Southern California for the Coachella Music Festival. I partake in the One Day Hike (50K hike). And spring volleyball and softball both start. Also, Major League Baseball is back. Go M’s! Go Nats!

Goal: Do a bunch of random things in multiples of five.

These are the goals in fives I’ll commit to:

  1. Five hikes of over five miles (I can do it!)
  2. Run five times over 5,555 feet (Oh boy…)
  3. Attend five concert sets of five songs or more (Easy while at Coachella)
  4. Play in five sports games/matches (Softball and volleyball)
  5. Watch five movies (In honor of Roger Ebert)

There could be others…

Stay classy.


Results from March

Goal: Run or hike 109 miles in March.

Final stats:

  • Hike = 101.15
  • Run = 0

Total = 101.15

Result: Fail.


  • I didn’t reach the goal, but I was close.
  • I successfully hiked a lot. With hikes of 10.5, 12 and 16 miles, I did a good number of long ones. I also did a number of 5 to 7 mile hikes.
  • I broke in my new hiking boots and figured out what I would wear during the One Day Hike.
  • I did not run even once. It’s like trying to floss again, it’s easy to skip.



109 for March: Miles Hiking and Running

I need to start training for the 50 kilometer One Day Hike (April 27) and the five kilometer Semper Fi race (May 18), so what better incentive then to give myself a goal for March? And make it public, so I can’t ignore it?

March Goal = Run and hike 109 total miles in 31 days.

That works out to about 3.5 miles per day, though I will need to do a range of long hikes to build up to 31.1 miles. I also need to break in my new, lighter hiking boots and cross-trainers.

It’s been awhile since I ran, so that will be loads of fun.

Get off the couch!

44 for October: Miles Running

My random goal for October is to run 44 miles.

I’ve done two monthly goals this year for total miles (March – 170 miles, and July – 230 miles) that combined running, biking and hiking. See below for a recap of July.

Now it’s time to focus on just one activity.

Why running?

Because I hate running in general, but it does get me in better shape to do other things. Like flag football. Or volleyball. Or hiking. Or biking. Or watching football on the TV with a beer(s) and a heaping pile of nacho(s). Oh wait, I’m already pretty good at that.

Why 44?

a) I like that number. 4 is my favorite number. And two 4’s is better than one.

b) It’s more than I’ve run in any given month thus far. It’s a goal that I have to work for.

I may try running an 8K race sometime this month. Know one in DC?


Update on July, August, September goals

September – I was too busy.

One for August: Vacation

Success, I took a two-week vacation in California. I’m sure details will be forthcoming…

230 for July: Miles (Part Two)

Success! I completed 230.25 total miles in July. It took a bit of effort and perseverance to reach the goal, as I traveled two weekends where I didn’t do much. I was able to make the final push on the last two days, racking up marathon like numbers (26.50 miles) to eek out a victory.


  • Biking – 144.90
  • Hiking – 56.65
  • Running – 26.7

Totals – 230.25 miles 


  • I would have preferred a ratio more in favor of hiking and running, but these are much more time intensive. Bike riding was an easier way to rack up miles, especially on the last two days.
  • When it’s hot (and I mean 104 degree hot), running or hiking is a bad idea. Bad. Idea.
  • My new favorite drink of all time is Starbucks Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea (add trademark somewhere in there). It’s a cold life-saving gulp of goodness after hiking and baking 10 miles in the oppressive heat.
  • You cannot beat running on the National Mall at night in the glow of some of the greatest monuments in the USA.
  • There are a lot of good places to hike, run and bike in and near DC (said Mall, Alexandria, along the Potomac River, Yards Park, other local parks, Teddy Roosevelt Island, Georgetown and many more).
  • Tracking miles is an art and a science. I continue to use RunKeeper for most of it. When my phone battery dies, I use the alignment of the stars and the curvature of the Earth.
  • I listen to a lot of music this way. In July I especially listened to Kasabian, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, The Black Keys and Walk the Moon.

See all the ‘random goals’ from 2012.

Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, VA
City Sidewalk
City Sidewalk
Cage match
Cage match
Potomac River
Potomac River
Yards Park
Yards Park
River walking
River walking

230 For July: Miles (Part Two)

Since I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to repeat the same random goal I did in March. Reaching a set number of miles. In July I’ve upped the stakes and increased the total distance.

July Goal = Run, bike or hike 230 miles in 31 days.

That works out to about 7.5 miles per day. In March my goal was only 170 miles, yet I almost reached 200 so this is…possible?

Since July is looking like a scorcher…it’s a mere 100 degrees as I type this…this is probably a bad idea. I may succumb to heat stroke. Or pull/break something as I push myself ever onwards to the finish line.

Pretend I’m sane and shout ‘You can do it!’

break a leg

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Reflections, and Other Reasons Mom Washed Out My Mouth With Soap

I’ve completed my first random monthly goal; to run, bike or hike 170 miles in March. Damn*, let’s reflect.

I managed to do a lot of miles in March. 195.85 to be precise. Success! I got sick towards the end, so I slowed down a bit and didn’t fracking* run as much.

The breakdown is:

  • Hiking = 64.5
  • Biking = 112
  • Running* = 19.35

As a bonus, I also did the following in March:

  • Dog walking (and poop* collecting) = 21 miles
  • Commuting to/from work = 13 miles (strolling)

What did I learn?

…that D.C. photographs well.

…that using the RunKeeper App is a good way to keep track of my activities. With few exceptions the GPS tracking worked well (once it had the gall to imply I was running a four-minute mile – WTF*? You on crack, RK?). Now I can look at all the stats (times, distances and routes) of my hikes, runs and bike rides for as long as I can handle it. Or until I lose my iPhone. 

…that my iPhone battery didn’t last long enough to track a 16-mile hike (I probably need to check on a portable battery option).

…that I vastly prefer most things to running. Notable exception: any type of body waxing for purposes of hair removal.

…that over the course of a month, I improved in running times.

…that jogging and hiking are good times to listen to new music.

…that 5.5 miles a day is not as easy as it seems, yet I only had three days where I did zero miles (mostly because I was sick).

…that cherry blossoms are pink and by the looks of all the driver’s faces, driving to see them is a bad idea.

…that sitting on your ass will only get you so far. And it’s not very fricking* far at all.

…that the National Mall is damn* beautiful at night. And during the day.

…that I may just keep tracking my miles in future months. And try to maintain the pace.

…that if you want to read about my April goal to give away $10 per day ($300 total) you should click here.

…that you can look at some photos below if you want.

Don't Just Sit There


Make Some Noise


A path not taken


May lead elsewhere


But you have to take one


No matter what it's made of


Or who is leading you


You will find something


Use what's around you
Go alone if necessary


But be explosive


Point to the destination


Keep it in context


And don't listen to naysayers


Be bold


And reach high



* Author’s note: All actual swear words were edited out of this post. No one wants to get their mouth washed out with soap twice.

170 For March: Miles

Happy Leap Day. I’m starting an ingenious plan to give myself random goals each month for the rest of 2012.

In theory, these goals will ‘make me a better person’. If that is possible. I wager it is not. They will also be hard (insane) enough to provide a challenge or make me want to quit halfway through.

I created a new tab on this blog called ‘Random Goals’ to track progress. Go there now. Or don’t.

The first random goal is to run, bike or hike 170 miles in the month of March. That’s 273.6 K for you un-American types.

That may not seem like a lot if you ride in the Tour de France and whiz up and down 130 miles of mountains one day and do it again the next. Or if you like to run 6.5 Boston marathons in a single month. Or if you like doing 11 15-mile hikes in a row.

That averages out to 5.5 miles per day. If you still find this is too slight of a goal, please join me. Try it yourself. Just do it.

Moral of the story:

March Goal = Run, bike or hike 170 miles in 31 days

Follow progress under ‘Random Goals’ tab.

Stay classy. And give goal ideas for future months…