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I recently journeyed to the Philippines and back. All manner of movies were at my fingertips. Although, flying Korean Airways for the first time, I was slightly disappointed with the selection of (a mere) 35 or so movies. Thanks Emirates for tainting my expectations. I still watched. Of course I did.

I coincidentally witnessed two movies with Oscar Isaac. Who? Well, this guy is having his moment, because he’s also in the upcoming Star Wars movie AND he plays the villain, Apocalypse, in the next X-Men movie. Well played sir.

There were a few other movies I was eyeballing, like Big Eyes and Still Alice, but they seemed to be more ‘think pieces’, which I just didn’t need as I slogged through 14 hour flights.


Flights: IAD-ICN-MNL

Kingsman: The Secret Service – Cracking. As in skulls and bones. A fine entry into the spies and gadgets film canon.  (Grade: B+)

Ex Machina – Eerie. Oscar Isaac as a reclusive genius trying to create life-like artificial intelligence. You won’t like what’s inside his head. (Grade: B-)

Jupiter Ascending – Turd. I’m being kind. Dear Wachowski brothers…err, siblings…thank you for a pleasant dilemma. Should I stop watching and make this the first movie I ever failed to power through? Almost. I finished it. But I feel dirty. (Grade: D-)

Run All Night – Same, same. Liam Neeson in an action movie with a special set of skills. His 300th take on Taken. (Grade: C+)


Flights: MNL-ICN-IAD

A Most Violent Year – Snooze. A most boring movie. Was Oscar Isaac trying to channel Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone or some such? Not really his moment, this. (Grade: C)

Casablanca – Usual suspects. No need to review this, kid. (Grade: A)

While We’re Young – Limp. There are good Ben Stiller movies and there are very bad ones. This fits firmly in the latter category. Not funny, if that was at all any part of the point. And not dramatic, if there was even a point. (Grade: C)

The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Hulky. The second time I’ve seen this. I just needed to round out that last few hours of my trip. Serviceable superhero stuff. (Grade: B-)

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac


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