Conundrum of the Day: Are You Not Tempted to Read This Post?

One Day Hike 2015
One Day Hike

I trust you were NOT tempted, but somehow managed to accidentally click the link anyway.

Okay. That’s on you. As long as you’re here…

As some of you may recall, I started writing about life on the edge (okay, living in DC…) on the blog, ParkLife DC.

So far I haven’t been asked to guest on any morning shows or had Jon Stewart lampoon me on The Daily Show.

But the blog about DC is young*.

I’ve written concert reviews and about other interesting ‘topics’ over the last few months.

Shall we have a look at a few of them? That’s okay with you, right?


Things I wrote, that I like

My 4th attempt at the annual 50K One Day Hike. How did I do? Should you try it next year?
Excursion: The Sierra Club’s Annual One Day Hike — 4/25/15

Drinking and walking. A robust way to enjoy the breweries of DC.
Excursion: Happy Hour Brewery Hike


Concert reviews I wrote

Here I pontificate about Mumford & Sons’ show at Merriweather:
Music Park: Mumford & Sons @ Merriweather Post Pavilion — 6/10/15

Here I look up to The Tallest Man on Earth at Lincoln Theatre:
Music Park: The Tallest Man On Earth @ Lincoln Theatre — 6/1/15

This one gives the impression I liked The Ting Tings’ show at the 9:30 Club:
Music Park: The Ting Tings @ 9:30 Club — 4/11/15


Things I wrote about speakeasys and drinking (this is not a theme…)

Harold Black with Jim Beam:
Stars and Bars: Jim Beam Bonded Returns @ Harold Black — 3/23/15

The Speak with cocktails:
Stars and Bars: The Speak, an Underground Cocktail Bar, Opens on K St


Clicked through all those already?

How about some other examples of not-made-for-primetime reviews…

The Juan Maclean Band:
Music Park: The Juan MacLean @ U Street Music Hall — 5/1/15

Music Park: Marrow @ Black Cat — 4/23/15


That’s all I have for you today. Check back in later. We’ll reminisce.


*Only five weeks left to get on Jon Stewart’s radar before he leaves The Daily Show! The pressure is on!

Five Random (Sunset) Photos Shared in April ’15

More random photos! Less specific photos!

Okay, but let’s go with sunsets instead.

DC sunset
Sunset in DC


Seattle sunset
Sunset in Seattle


Puyallup Spring Fair
Sunset at the Puyallup Spring Fair


Volleyball sunset
Sunset playing volleyball


Washington Monument sunset
Washington Monument sunset


That’s done, let’s do some bonus random photos.

Safeco Field
Felix wins! But I didn’t get my Felix bobblehead.


Snoqualmie Falls
The Falls of Snoqualmie and the Salish Lodge


One Day Hike 2015
Only 1/3 of the way done with the One Day Hike. Only 20 miles to go!


Five Random Photos Shared in April ’14

Images have never appeared it such random dispositions.

Opening Day! Bring on the baseball season!
Opening Day! Bring on the baseball season!


Strolling the C & O Canal Towpath
Strolling the C & O Canal Towpath


Such a sight in Kuala Lumpur
Such a sight in Kuala Lumpur


I suggest a new strategy, Artoo: let Awesome Con win.
I suggest a new strategy, Artoo: let Awesome Con win.


Finished my 3rd One Day Hike in record time!
Finished my 3rd One Day Hike in record time!


Bonus! Because you can never have enough cherry blossom photos!

I cannot tell a lie. It was George who killed the cherry tree.
I cannot tell a lie. It was George who killed the cherry tree.


140 for April/May: Miles Hiking and Running

I trust you’ve survived the wacky winter.

The time is nigh to get outside. Bust out a hammock.

Or rather run. Hike. Walk your wiener dog. Get some sun on your face. Don a bikini or speedo.

Whatever it takes. Be active.


April/May Goal: Hike and run 140 miles


Coming up, I have the One Day Hike on April 26th (50 kilometers) and the Semper Fi 5K on May 10th.

And some practice hikes and runs.

140 miles shouldn’t be too terrible over two months.

Let’s get it on!


Here is the successful report out on my first random goal of 2014.

January/February Goal: Exercise 33 days (out of 59)

Final stats: 34 days exercising

Result: Success

Totals breakdown:

  • Running = 8.5 miles
  • Hiking = 18.3 miles
  • Biking = 125 miles
  • Volleyball games = 39
  • Skiing = 1 day

Even though I technically succeeded, I could have done more.

One volleyball match (3 games) counted. Riding a bike for 4 miles in one day counted. This is exercise, sure, but I wasn’t always pushing myself.

I was successfully active. Let’s go with that.



109 for March: Miles Hiking and Running

I need to start training for the 50 kilometer One Day Hike (April 27) and the five kilometer Semper Fi race (May 18), so what better incentive then to give myself a goal for March? And make it public, so I can’t ignore it?

March Goal = Run and hike 109 total miles in 31 days.

That works out to about 3.5 miles per day, though I will need to do a range of long hikes to build up to 31.1 miles. I also need to break in my new, lighter hiking boots and cross-trainers.

It’s been awhile since I ran, so that will be loads of fun.

Get off the couch!

Ready, Set, 50 Kilometers!

Last April I trekked (trudged?) my way through the One Day Hike (ODH) on the C & O Canal Towpath. It comes in two forms. Either 100 kilometers (62.2 miles) or a more respectable 50 kilometers (31.1 miles). I choose the latter.

The 2013 One Day Hike takes place on Saturday, April 27. Registration begins on February 1.

I’m game for round two. I’ll stick with the 50 kilometer hike, thank you very much.

Who wants to hike 31.1 miles with me?

Let’s spy on last year’s ODH. Step gingerly if you blister easily.

Hiking 31.1 miles in one day – You can’t just decide to hike that far on a whim. You need to have ‘trained’ by hiking long distances. The furthest I hiked in preparation was 16 miles. Despite that, the biggest issues are not stamina. I could have gone further. One issue is using the same motion and muscles repeatedly for hours on end. The terrain is flat, so there is no variation for going uphill or downhill. It leads to cramps and aches and protesting muscles not happy with the extra abuse. If you don’t train those muscles to accept that wear and tear, you won’t make it. Another issue is things rubbing together (like clothes to skin). Let’s just say there were some interestingly raw areas on my body. And painful for days afterwards. I’ve heard worse stories from the 62.2 mile hike. Things only your proctologist should know about.

The trail – You start at White’s Ferry (for the 50K) and follow the C & O Canal Towpath all the way up to Harper’s Ferry. Then you keep going. Hike through the town and go uphill for the last 1-1/2 miles (truly brutal). It ends at the Bolivar Community Center. After eating the food prepared by volunteers, we returned to Harper’s Ferry (hitched a ride) and stayed at a hostel for the night.

Volunteers – ODH is a well-organized and well-oiled event. There are tons of helpful volunteers, some that have contributed from the beginning (the first 100K was in 1974). The volunteers help you register, they hand out trail snacks (yummy) or water, make sandwiches and soup, provide first aid, care for blisters (yes), patrol the trail looking for people who are hurting or in need of water, record when you arrive and leave the rest stations (they track your total time and ranking), make chili and other foodstuffs for the end of the hike meal, and much more! Thanks volunteers, you are awesome.

Rest stations – There were four rest stations peppered along the trail (roughly 6-7 miles apart). Each station had different snack, food and water options. The first station had sandwiches. Another one had coffee and soup. There were chairs for relaxing. Portable johns nearby. Each one also had a first aid tent, including someone there to manage your foot blister situation. I didn’t get any blisters, but I did use some preventive moleskin on key foot hotspots. Talk about roughing it!

My time – It’s not a race, but it’s nice to see your pace and time at the end. Start time was 10:00am. I finished at 8:25pm. Take out over an hour spent at the different rest stations, and it took me around 9 hours.


One Day You Could Be Hiking
One Day You Could Be Hiking
Let's Begin
Let’s Begin

Trail 1

Only 29 miles to go...
Only 29 miles to go…
Rest station with volunteers
Rest station with volunteers
Rest Station
Rest Station


Find the path
Find the path
A hostel bed to pass out in