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First, let me apologize for my most sincere apology.

Second, let me profusely apologize for apologizing for my most sincere apology.

I’m very sorry to have apologized so profusely while apologizing for my most sincere apology. Sorry about that.

Why has ‘sorry’ and apologizing become so common in our everyday discourse? What on earth are we so sorry about?

When we take the bus or the train or fly in an airplane, it may be the only word we  say for hours at a time. It means so many things.

  • ‘Sorry.’  without looking at the person (I just invaded your personal space.)
  • ‘Sorry.’ (For putting my seat back into your face.) while not moving it out of their face
  • ‘Sorry!’ with eyebrows raised (I just stepped on your foot! But watch where you’re going.)
  • ‘Sorry!’ while furrowing your brow (You’re out of that particular menu item, yet I had the audacity to order it.)
  • ‘Sorry!’ while shrugging your shoulders and shaking your head (I wish I knew the answer to your question! But don’t waste my time if you’re too much of an idiot to know where the toilet is on this airplane.)
  • ‘Sorry?’ while tilting your head (What did you just say to me?)
  • ‘Sorry…’ while pointing to the guy next to you (It wasn’t me that just dropped a stinkbomb…it was that guy.)
  • ‘Sorry!?!?’ while balling up your fists (Are you crazy!?!? Get out of my way, jackass!)
  • ‘Sorry!!!’ while cowering (For even existing!!!)

“Sorry’ is now an accepted standby for all conversation.

I’m mournfully apologetic that I had to bring this your attention. Sorry does not even begin to describe my remorse. I lament that you will never forgive me.

regretfully yours

P.S. Powerfully Sorry, but here’s a playlist:

  • “Queen of Apology”, The Sounds
  • “All Apologies”, Nirvana
  • “Apologize”, OneRepublic

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