Random Goals

Here I list some extremely random goals I’ve made for myself. Don’t ask me to prove anything.

2016 Monthly Goals

Success/Failure = 2-1

11 for December: To Do List

Goal: Do all 11 items on annual To Do List.

Final stats: 12/11

Result: 110%, so good!

Read all about it.

32 for October/November: New Places

Goal: Visit 32 new places (70% have to be in DC)

Final stats: 32+ (23/9)

Result: Success!

Read about it here.

36 for July: Miles Running

Goal: Run 36 miles.

Final stats: 15 miles

Result: Fail!

2015 Monthly Goals

Success/Failure = 3-4

13 for December: To Do List

Goal: Do all 13 items on my freshly minted To Do List.

Final stats: 11/13

Result: 85%, so close but so far. Fail!

Read all about it.

65 for October/November: Projects + Miles Running

Goal: Complete enough projects in my apartment and run enough miles so they total 65

Final stats:

  • Running = 30.12 miles
  • Projects = 1

Grand total: 31.12

Result: Fail (epic)!

12,281 for August: Climbing Mt. Adams

Goal: Climb Mt. Adams

Result: Fail! (Closed access to the mountain due to forest fires.)

22 for July/August: New Restaurants Encore

Goal: Eat at 22 new (to me) restaurants

Final stats: 27 restaurants

Result: Success!

16 for May/June: New Coffee Shops Encore

Goal: Visit at 16 new (to me) coffee shops

Final stats: 16 coffee shops

Result: Success!

187 for May: Mopping Up the Miles

Goal: Hike, bike or run 187 miles

Final stats:

  • Running = 11.8 miles
  • Hiking = 41.88 miles
  • Biking = 133.93 miles

Grand total: 187.61 miles

Result: Success!

550 for January-April: Miles

Goal: Hike, bike or run 550 miles

Final stats:

  • Running = 8.92 miles
  • Hiking = 168.25 miles
  • Biking = 211.88 miles

Grand total: 389.05 miles

Result: Fail!

2014 Monthly Goals

Success/Failure = 10-1

11 for December: To Do List

Goal: Do all 11 items on my freshly minted To Do List.

Final stats: Pending

Result: Fail!

10 for November/December: New Restaurants in D.C.

Goal: Eat at 10 new (to me) restaurants in Washington, D.C.

Final stats: 15 restaurants

Result: Success!

Story at 11 or read more here

19 for October/November: Mop Up

Goal: Knock enough things off my 2014 Bold Predictions list and do enough projects so they total 19

Final stats: 19

Result: Success!

Read more

75 for September/October: Sporting Events + Running

Goal: Watch, play in or attend enough sporting events and run enough miles so they total 75

Final stats:

  • Running = 56.11 miles
  • Sporting Events = 19

Grand total: 75.11

Result: Success!

Read more

Zero for August: Watching TV Shows

Goal: Watch zero TV shows

Result: Success!

35 for July: Projects + Miles Running

Goal: Complete enough projects in my apartment and run enough miles so they total 35

Final stats:

  • Run = 30.35 miles
  • Projects = 5

Grand total: 35.35

Result: Success!

Read more

14 for June/July: New Coffee Shops

Goal: Visit 14 new coffee shops

Final stats: 14

Result: Success!

Read more

140 for April/May: Miles Hiking and Running

Goal: Hike and run 140 miles

Final stats:

  • Running = 8.55 miles
  • Hiking = 131.56 miles

Grand total: 140.11

Result: Success!

Read more

186 for March: Tornado of Tweets

Goal: Post 186 tweets on three accounts

Grand total: 194

Result: Success!

Read more

Seven for February/March: Clash of the Thai-tins

Goal: Find the best Thai restaurant in D.C., visiting at least seven restaurants

Result: Success!

Report out pending

33 for January/February: Days Exercising

Goal: Exercise 33 days (out of 59) in January and February.

Final stats: 34 days exercising

Result: Success!

Read more


2013 Monthly Goals

Success/Failure =  5-3

820 + 11 for December: Les Misérables

Goal: Read Les Misérables and run 11 miles.

Result: Fail!

Read about it.

November = no goal

12 for October: New Places in D.C.

Goal: Visit 12 new places in Washington, D.C.

Final stats: 20 new places

Result: Success

Read about D.C.

September = no goal

21 + 3 for August: Running + Tennis

Goal: Run 21 miles and play 3 tennis matches.

Final stats:

  • Run = 10.2 miles
  • Tennis = 4

Result: Fail

Read why

190 for July: Miles

Goal: Run, bike or hike 190 miles.

Final stats:

  • Running = 26.6 miles
  • Hiking = 81.7 miles (.36 extra)
  • Biking = 81.7 miles (2.3 extra)

Grand total: 190 miles (plus 2.66 extra)

Result: Success

Read how it went down

Mucho por Junio: Taco Binge

Goal: Try as many different tacos as possible.

Result: Success

Read about tacos

31 for May: Days Vegetarian

Goal: Go vegetarian for 31 days. No meat. No eggs. No fish. No joke.

Result: Success

Read all about it

Five for April: Everything

Goal: Do various things in multiples of five.

Result: Success

Read all about it

109 for March: Miles Hiking and Running

Goal: Run or hike 109 miles in March.

Final stats:

  • Hike = 101.15
  • Run = 0

Grand total = 101.15

Result: Fail


2012 Monthly Goals

Success/Failure =  5-2

44 for October: Miles Running

Goal: Run 44 miles in October.

Running = 26 miles

Result: Fail

One for August: Vacation

Goal: Take a vacation.

Result: Success. I took a two-week vacation to California.

230 for July: Miles (Part 2)

Goal: Run, hike or bike 230 miles in July.

Final stats:

  • Run = 28.70
  • Hike = 56.65
  • Bike = 144.90

Grand total = 230.25

Result: Success!

Nine for June: Writing

Goal: Write nine (and post) blog posts.

Result: Fail. I only posted five.

Read why

25 for May: Firsts

Goal: Do 25 things for the first time in May.

Result: Success! I did more than 25 new things.

See what I did 

300 for April: Jelly Beans to Good Causes

Goal: Give $10 per day to good causes and organizations (total $300) in April.

Result: Success! $310 given to 27 organizations.

See final results

170 for March: Miles

Goal: Run, hike or bike 170 miles in March.

Result: Success! 195.85 miles total.

Final Stats:

  • Hiking = 64.5 miles
  • Running = 19.35 miles
  • Biking = 112 miles

Grand total = 195.85 miles

  • Bonus #1: Dog walking = 21 miles
  • Bonus #2: Work commute (walking) = 13 miles

Bonus total = 34 miles

See some reflections

Capital Hill Restaurants

I’m trying to visit all the restaurants in the general Capital Hill area. This is a very large area, including Barracks Row, Eastern Market and the Atlas District.

Previous posts on this topic:

The Baseball Project

Click the tab with the above title to see more. I’m trying to see all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

Capital Bikeshare Winter Weather Warrior Contest 2011

Goal: Most rides (of 5 minutes or more) in January and February 2011

My rank: #9 (out of 900 + people) – I won 2 free months of Capital Bikeshare membership

Total rides in January and February: 300

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