Working from Home in DC (Week 5)

My observations from having to work at home because of the coronavirus starting on March 16, 2020.

(re-posting my Facebook posts here)

Day 21 (April 13)
  • Monday. No thanks.
  • Today in DC is fierce wind and heavy rain. Good day to stay inside and recover from all the Easter chocolate.
  • Didn’t realize Bee is such a gossip! Over the weekend, I got all the dirt on the other rooftop carpenter bees in the neighborhood. So far, bees are immune to COVID-19, but they are not happy that humans are invading their space for more hours during the day. Essential bee hovering time is being lost!
  • I watched all of Tiger King. Shut. This. Country. Down.
  • Down to four rolls of TP. If you are sitting on a surplus, I can trade for a box of frozen White Castle sliders or what might be a left-over Easter Egg. DM me your best offer. Full rolls only. Soft, 2-ply, must know its way around a bum. Also, include your address and the times you may be away at the grocery store or out for a social distance walk.
  • I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I’ve been overusing the phrase I don’t know who needs to hear this. Maybe we all have. This overuse will continue.
  • I have self-inflicted a quest upon myself. To buy beer at every brewery in DC. They are selling cans in 4 or 6-packs, and some have growlers or crowlers. I have been to four + one cidery thus far. There are about four more I will target. I walk to them, social distance-wise. This is the best I can do. I don’t need to be called a hero, but hey I know you’re thinking it.
  • Today for lunch I made Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Bisque, and sadly it will probably be one of the last Trader Joe’s meals I have for awhile (still have a couple frozen ones). The lines to get in the nearby stores are OUT the door. Nope.
  • When 2:30pm rolled around, for a brief moment I was disoriented, thinking there was something I should be doing on a Monday, a workday, instead of fondly recalling titillating bee gossip and bagging up things that might be Easter Eggs. It will come to me.
  • Yesterday they released a new episode of Tiger King. Haven’t I sacrificed enough of my soul to stay virtually relevant in these challenging times? It would appear the answer is no. So, still more Tiger King. The circle of life continues.
Day 24

  • View from my roof deck.
  • Time elapses at a new pace. I literally sat in front of the computer screen, only to look up and discover it’s now 2020. WTH?
  • How is it that I can sit down to do something for 5 minutes, then it’s 2 hours later? Discuss.
  • I make the spaghettis. I eat the spaghettis. I make the tacos. I eat the tacos. Life is sustained. Circle of life and other wisdoms, but let’s leave out the bottom half of the circle for now.
  • Has anyone tried the new Facebook? I refuse to switch until I have to, just curious what people think.
  • I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I hope you’ve seen the memes with the dancing Ghanaian pallbearers. hahahaha That stuff never gets old. And tigers! Let me share the one with a tiger.
  • I’ve tried a few of the virtual concerts. Meh so far. Most of the artists are trying to figure out how technology works and cracking jokes about the same. Support your favorite bands, give it a shot as it will probably get better. Also buy music.
  • The question you should ask yourself is, did you swing from a hammock today? If the answer is no, let me remind you that you won’t be hurting for opportunities. We’ll be doing this for awhile. But do it!
Day 25
  • One thing I’ve learned being cooped up in my apartment solo, I miss my dog. Hug your dog or your cat or your woodchuck.
  • Woodchuck got his WiFi back! Our Skype staring contests have continued! He’s good, but confused by our TP obsession. He can’t believe we just don’t drag along a patch of dirt or grass like normal animals.
  • Another thing I’ve learned, there is 5-ply TP out there. It exists! I need to immediately feel how this gift from the heavens does its magic.
  • Hence, Operation TP Swipe is on a roll again. Quest for the 5-ply. I’m assembling a strike team. Woodchuck (on tunneling) and Bee (on intel) are in, mostly to get me to shut up.
  • Using the Libby app, I finished my first audio book in like 16 years. 14 hours of social distance walking for Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card. Next up is 10 hours of The City & The City by China Miéville. One of my 2020 bold predictions was to read more science fiction. What are you reading or listening to?
  • I wanted to start running again by now. Starting to run is hard. Very, very hard. Also hard? Putting away laundry. Sorting through stacks of mail. Putting on pants.
  • I participated in another virtual picnic last night. It’s not as fun as the real thing, but it’ll do! The worst part is looking at other people’s food, and not being able to try any of it.
  • Hey, get right in here, come close – 6 feet away mind you – and let me whisper something to you in a semi-shout…we have a lot of stupid people in our country protesting and flaunting the restrictions. It’s frankly frightening and dangerous. Don’t be like them. Stay inside, but wear masks and stay 6 feet apart when you are out for essential tasks. The country isn’t going to be opening back up anytime soon. Sorry to leave you with such a bummer going into the weekend, but stay safe.
  • No plans for the weekend once again! A common theme, but something that is actually not hard to achieve for a change.

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