Working from Home in DC (Week 2)

My observations from having to work at home because of the coronavirus starting on March 16, 2020.

(re-posting my Facebook posts here)

Day 6 (March 23)

(I’m only counting workdays)

  • I hope everyone had a safe weekend, and helped each other by staying positive. But frankly, it’s a Monday, and that never ends well for anyone. And it rained all day.
  • This reality we find ourselves in will last for awhile. The mayor of DC has extended the social-distancing rules (concert venues closed, restaurants are takeout or delivery only, no groups of 10 or more, schools closed, etc.) until April 27th. I know it’s similar, if not more extreme, in other parts of the country. Let’s all do our part. And now, for something completely different…
  • After 6 days, I’m really nailing this virtual work scene. Just one positive experience after another. Heaps and loads of fun. Amazing stuff. Just chuffed, really.
  • Met a woodchuck over the weekend. We had a staring contest. It was tense for a minute, but I have to say, I won handily in the end. All I had to do was flinch and my new best friend would drop down into its dirt hole. Woodchuck would come back up and we’d go for another round, but it was all academic at that point. May have Woodchuck over for tea and to meet the dust bunny later this week.
  • A thought I actually had, ‘Sir, you are at this moment using too much toilet paper. Slow your roll!’
  • A later thought, ‘They’re not all winners. But what else am I going to write about?’
  • In case you’re worried, I have successfully eaten tacos in the past week. #tacolife
  • I did not enjoy Mary Poppins Returns. Related, I watched Mary Poppins Returns over the weekend. I guess I can’t handle the light-hearted fare.
  • It feels like there are more things to do, or more ways to divert your attention than ever before. Social-distancing takes up more of your time then just your normal routine would. We are suddenly finding excuses to chat or connect with everyone we know! Catch up on all our streaming queues. Finally starting that project or course or side-hustle. Staying busy at all costs. Slow your roll. Connecting is a good thing in many ways, but overall all of it all at once is too much.
  • Related, we are not more productive at work, or at anything, during this time. Do your best, but don’t over-stress.
  • Off now to get on a Skype call with Woodchuck.


Day 8

(Note: I may skip a day here or there. Not like you don’t have better things to do.)

  • My goal to walk 5,000,000 steps in 2020 has taken a serious hit. Walk or die. Just stay far away if you see me coming.
  • Fixed my squeaky chair. Feel like I can do anything now!
  • It’s dark. Maybe I should get up and turn on the lights in my room, the only light is the glow of the monitor. Nah, can’t do everything.
  • Sports lament! I know we have bigger problems, but I’m missing the sports. Baseball was meant to start tomorrow. The NCAA College Basketball tourneys are meant to be happening now. And I bought DC Defenders season tickets (for the XFL), the last home game would have been this coming weekend. I made it to three home games at Audi Field before they completely cancelled the entire season. The XFL better come back in 2021, it was a fun distraction during the winter doldrums.
  • Maybe I’ll pull the trigger on a bidet to quell the diminishing TP returns. Can never have enough streaming options.
  • Hosted my first Netflix Party last night. A David Lynch short film and one episode of Night on Earth. Success. Introverts rejoice, we never have to see anyone in person again!
  • Couldn’t be less excited for Westworld Season 3. Meh. Also, everyone is talking excitedly (writing) about Netflix’s Tiger King. Do I have time for another TV show? Sigh.
  • Keeping up my habit of getting takeout for lunches at local restaurants. Also gives me an excuse to see the real world for a hot minute.

Speaking of the real world, I’m out! #walktime


Day 9
  • About time to get a haircut, anyone have a Flowbee they can drop off at my front door?
  • Woodchuck says ‘Hi’ to you all. Well, technically he says nothing. But I can now read the gleam in this eyes like a beloved novel, after our many virtual Skype staring sessions. He also has answered the age old question about how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. It’s very revealing.
  • Feeling good about the amount of work I did today. Also feeling good about the amount of coffee I drank.
  • Keep adding new food items to my ‘full quarantine’ panic scenario stash. I’m good for a solid 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. Still no TP in any of the stores I’ve visited. On the bright side, one time there was a box of brand name facial tissues. Sorry to break it to their marketing team, facial is not in the cards this time.
  • Last night got to celebrate a friend’s ‘certain age’ birthday via Zoom. A nice way to honor him during this time. There was cake, sadly most of us only got to drool at it.
  • The dogwood flowers and cherry blossoms are out in full force, and it’s a beautiful day. Why am I talking to ya’ll?

#seeya #getoutside #with #safe #socialdistancing



Working from Home in DC

Day 10

  • It’s the end of another strange week of working from home, social distancing, constant virtual connecting, and all that other not-so-smooth jazz. Enjoy your weekend of virtual events or real walks! Now for something completely different.
  • Welcome to the Thunderdome!! Well, ain’t we a pair, White Castle.** I know, I know. This is how far we’ve (I’ve) sunk, and is a perplexing choice of foodstuffs if one is running low on TP.
White Castle!!


** To the very perplexed people, this joke only pays off*** if you’ve been following this strange daily journal with great dedication and fortitude. Hint: See Day 4.

*** Even then, not so sure.


Bam!! I got me some TP!

Fresh hot TP


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