Scenes of the Seahawks 2019


Losing on the last play, failing to score near the goal line is a tough pill to swallow. Especially when you have 8 downs to convert a TD, and Marshawn Lynch back in business.

The Seahawks lost to the 49ers 26-21 on Sunday, December 29th in heart-breaking fashion. And they also lost to the Cardinals 27-13 the week before. Brutal.

I was at both games, so let’s just look at some pictures.

On the plus side, I got to go down on the field during the Cardinals game!

1-2 in games attended this season.

I also went to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh to catch the Seahawks play the Steelers in September. They won that game 28-26.


Centurylink Field
2019-12-22 12.17.30

On the field!

2019-12-22 15.30.37

2019-12-22 15.30.42

2019-12-22 15.30.51

2019-12-22 15.30.46

2019-12-22 15.37.44

My section did not win the gas card
2019-12-22 15.33.46

Ken Griffey Jr sporting his and Marshawn’s jersey number
2019-12-29 14.59.01 (2)

2019-12-29 14.59.23

Seahawks 3rd and 10 at the 11 yard line vs. the 49ers
2019-12-29 20.18.23

Cool Seattle sports art
2019-12-22 09.58.38

Cool Seattle sports art part 2
2019-12-29 14.47.53 (2)

At Heinz Field in September

2019-09-15 10.43.25

2019-09-14 18.51.43

2019-09-15 12.28.18

2019-09-15 12.20.46

2019-09-15 16.15.21

2019-09-15 13.00.36

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