12 for December 2019: To Do List

2019 To Do

My seventh annual December To Do List! What a time to be alive!

If ONLY you had clicked on anything else, you might have found yourself with a few productive minutes. Instead of ogling puppies or Baby Yodas, all you get are a few ill-placed words. As long as your eyes are glued to the screen anyway, go right ahead and scan down to greet this legendary listicle.

As I will spend about half of December in Washington State and half in DC, what will I do?

December 2019 To Do List

  1. See 12 movies – Why this number? I make a 100/20 goal every year. Watch at least 100 movies and read 20 books. I’ve won this goal four years in a row, going on five. And you guessed it, I need 12 movies to reach 100 total for 2019.
  2. Read cuatro books – Why this number? As you might imagine from above, I’ve yet to reach 20 books this year.
  3. Attend two Seattle Seahawks games – Why this number? Aside from it being one I can count to, I do have my season tickets for two games, vs. the Cardinals (12/22) and 49ers (12/29). Seahawks have been doing well, let’s keep the momentum going!
  4. Hike 25 miles – I’ve been slowing down on the hikes of late, so it would be nice to get outside more.
  5. Check out five new (to me) breweries – Always a good idea to drink beer! I’ve been hitting the brewery trail hard of late. I managed to visit 14 different breweries on my recent 12-day road trip to Maine, Vermont and Canada. You can’t stop me.
  6. Eat a Dick’s Drive-In Deluxe burger – This is a permanent To Do listing. I don’t really like the soggy fries at Dick’s (some people love them), but I keep meaning to give them another try. So to make this slightly more To Do-worthy I’ll eat the fries too. Maybe I’ll hike there.
  7. Try three new (to me) Porters – Why? Because I like dark beers, especially porters. Might as well add something I might enjoy to this list! Plus I needed an excuse to use the number 3, which will keep the number sequence alive (1, 2, 3, cautro, 5, and don’t forget 12 and 25).
  8. Write – I’ve decided I’ll write words. Call me crazy, but you can’t argue with that impeccable logic. The result may be to give this blog a bit of action.
  9. Experience Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – I even won’t count this for my movie goal above!
  10. Binge watch The Mandalorian – Speaking of Star Wars, I don’t have Disney+ quite yet, so let’s use my family’s account.
  11. Touch snow – Let’s get cold!
  12. Wild Card – Something that I really should have thought of already, but I’ll postpone choosing it until I tally up the To Do results, then use whatever item is most likely to give me a victory in this category. It’s science.

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