The December List, and Other Shady Facts About 2018

Another year, another successful complete and total take-down of my December To Do List.

Now granted, I chose things that are fairly easy to knock off the list, including some I already completed going in. So….despite that, it’s probably just about time to curse the NFL and take a long nap. The Patriots won again after all, and most people wanted that about as much as they want this post.


Goal for December 2018: Do all 12 items on my thoroughly vetted To Do List.

Result: Success! 12/12

December 2018 To Do List

  1. Attend two Seattle Seahawks games – Let’s go! Win! The Seahawks owe me a home win, they’ve lost 4 straight I’ve attended in December (across three seasons). Stop the madness! Result: Boom! And they won both games. 38-31 over the Chiefs and 24-21 over the Cardinals. They were due, and the wins propelled them into the playoffs. Then they lost in the playoffs. The Seahawks (or the Saints) would have totally beaten the Patriots.
  2. Sleep in two cabins – I did one last year, so let’s up the ante! Result: Two cabins, natch. One in Rapidan (near Shenandoah NP) and one not far from Leavenworth, WA.
  3. See 12 movies – Why 12? This list has 12 things, so it seems as appropriate as any other number. MoviePass isn’t giving me much to choose from in WA, so I’ll just shell out some bills to see a few in theaters as well.  Result: This happened. And I didn’t take off my blindfold during Bird Box. Not even once.
  4. Check out three new (to me) breweries – Beer is good. + Breweries have beer. = Let’s go. That’s called sudsy math.  Result: Yea! I went to some in Tacoma (Black Fleet Brewing and Wingman Brewers), took a moment on the way to a birthday party in Portland (StormBreaker Brewing), and added a fourth one in Leavenworth (Doghaus Brewery).
  5. Eat a Dick’s Drive-In Deluxe burger – This is a permanent To Do listing.  Result: True. True. True. And still true.
  6. Explore Seattle and/or Tacoma – Find some new things, see what’s what. That sort of thing.  Result: Did a hop around Tacoma a piece, went to some new breweries (as above) and new restaurants. I was only in Seattle for the games.
  7. Write three concert reviews – And I already did this one! I like early success! Winning!  Result: Yes! I reviewed Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, The Courtneys and HAERTS. (Have a read here.)
  8. Eat a lot of teriyaki – Because they don’t have it the same in or near DC, so I crave it!  Result: Completed, and then some.
  9. Visit family – This is the reason I visit Washington each year, so this is easy to get done!  Result: Hey fam, good to see you.
  10. See people I haven’t seen in awhile – Who are these people? How long is awhile? All questions I have not considered in this very vague and unspecific listing.  Result: Indeed! Saw a few friends that formerly lived in DC. And many other fine people! But not all the fine people, so will just have to return. Probably.
  11. Play with wiener dogs! – I’m already up to four wieners played with! I like listings I can win without any effort.  Result: So many wieners were played with. So many. As the description qualifies, it was four wieners. Riley, Jedi, Ludo and Bowie. They didn’t stand a chance.
  12. Wild Card – Something that might have made this list, if I was smart enough to think of it ahead of time.  Result: I visited Leavenworth, WA, something I hadn’t done in awhile! How about that? Yeah, that’s all I got.


Mighty Bowie gets played with.



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