Bold Predictions for 2019

So…2019, eh? Well, let’s get after it.

My 10th annual, and fantastically original, set of bold predictions is dropping on your lap today like a hot splash of spilled coffee. Enjoy, but do go towel off after.

What might I try to achieve in the upcoming year?


…avow to use fewer exclamation points!!! Starting now!! Okay, now.

…read 30 books. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to in 2018, so upping the ante.

…visit a new National Park I haven’t been to.

…do an adventure so AMAZING, even you would be impressed. Yes, even you.

…eat less red meat overall. And take off 1 day a week from meat, like a Meatless Monday.

…consciously evaluate every choice to use single use plastic, and find ways to vastly reduce my waste.

…hike 504 miles. I keep succeeding with the hiking goals, so I’ll just do them until I break.

…cook more meals at home.

…seek new learning opportunities.

…find a good place for my hammock. I’ll meet you there.


What are your goals for 2019?


Let’s look at how I fared from my 2018 list:

Success rate: 5/10*

…visit San Diego and Petco Park. This is the year I finish the MLB stadium quest! Result: Done. Sweet hallelujah, I have completed my MLB stadium quest! Now what?

…hike until I drop. Let’s go with 425 miles? Result: True, true, true. I haven’t counted the exact total as of yet, but it far surpassed my goal. Trust me, I know.

…run three races, including a 10K or longer. Result: Nah. Just did one, the St. Pat’s 5K, plus I did the 50K One Day Hike, but that’s not a race.

…visit a new country. Also, visit a state I haven’t been to. Result: Nope and nope!

…see 22 movies in theaters. I used to go to movies more often, let’s see if I can get back in the habit. Result: With the help of MoviePass, I won. I managed to see 27 movies in the theater.

…average completing a ‘project/task’ a week. Crush that To Do list. Result: Not really. I already did poorly on this list so far, so I’m failing myself here too.

…go on an overnight backpacking trip. Result: Didn’t happen. I stayed in a cabin and hiked? Okay, fail.

…explore DC. In other words, get around to visiting the museums and other places I haven’t been to. Result: Yes, I went to a lot of new places, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture and The Phillips Collection.

…change or make a new habit. Result: Does going to the movies more often count? Yeah? Okay, sweet success! Maybe I can learn new tricks.

…read five classic novels I haven’t read. Suggestions? Result: Hahahahahahaha. No. Whew, good thing 2018 is over, so I can focus on a new set of bold predictions.


* My effort in 2018 was lame!!!! There, I got all the exclamation points out of my system. Or did I?

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