Things I (Probably) Learned Using Instagram

I’ve been on Instagram for about a year now, ostensibly to take photos of interesting things in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas.

I’ve cheated a few times and posted a photo here or there from various trips I’ve taken, but 95% is still about DC.

Here’s the link:

I’d like to use it more to promote the blog I’ve been contributing to about DC citylife, but haven’t figured it all out quite yet.

What did I learn? Not much, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drum up a list!

1) I like wiener dogs!
Okay, this was already well-established. But I can’t stop following accounts specifically related to wiener dogs. It has nothing to do with DC, and it may be a problem, but cute photos of wiener puppies?!?! Don’t tell me you don’t want to see a daily wiener!

2) Hashtags are hard!
Ugh, it’s stressful to figure out what hashtags to use so people find your photos. I’ve found a few I use regularly, and a few I’ve made up!
Like #decipheringdc or #pathdc
Or like #concertpickdc, which showcases my terrible photos in bad lighting.

3) People really like taking photos of their food!
There are way more accounts about food then most other types. I admit I do it too, but it’s not the ONLY thing.

4) I like hiking!
Because I posted something about hiking or camping, now I get followed by or follow back a trillion hiking/camping-related accounts.

5) I hate the Boomerang feature in Stories!
Stop it!!! Also, they are mildly hypnotic.

6) I don’t know how to do a Story!
I’ve never tried to do one, they seem too complicated and mildly pointless. I’ll probably try it eventually, as nothing pointless ever gets past me!

7) Have a theme or point of view! Or be attractive or creative.
My theme is exploring DC, but you will never see any selfies on there because that’s just cruel to my followers.

8) Don’t live vicariously through Instagram!
Do your own thing, if you want to take a photo and post, do it, but don’t spend more then five minutes a day looking through photos from others. Make your own memories.

Here are a few of the photos I like (self-promotion) the most so far:

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