The December List, and Other Stable Facts From 2017

I dominated my most recent December To Do List! Snooze.

Results, outcomes and the correlative aftermath of same are about to be apportioned, so cut out the tedious part (aka reading it) by aborting your web session now and hitting the sack. You’ll need the rest. We may soon have a Wall to tear down after all.

Also, it’s 2018. WTH is going on?!

Goal for December 2017: Do all 11 items on my tremendous, very stable To Do List.

Result: Success! 11/11

December 2017 To Do List
  1. Write a concert review – I’ve been doing it all year, might as well do one in December too. Result: Quite! I wrote two; one for a band called Dizzy and one for Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. (Hint: Click the links to read them?!)
  2. Attend two Seattle Seahawks games – The games are do or die, luckily for us fans, just the way Russel Wilson likes it. Result: Yes, but wow. The Seahawks choked colossally. They missed the playoffs for the first time since 2011. Fun Fact: The Seahawks have now lost four consecutive home games that I have attended in Seattle. The last home game I was at that they won: 12/28/14. WTH?!
  3. Sleep in a cabin – Have a few spirits, watch bad movies, tussle in the snow. Escape. Result: Yes! (Hint: Not the cabin in a plane, but a cabin in the woods.) Much movies and much spirits, plus a bit of snowshoeing.
  4. Witness Star Wars: The Last Jedi – (Hint: I did this already! Making this list easier for myself!) Result: (Hint: Read the preceding sentence.) Also, re-read my list of best movies of 2017.
  5. Check out four new (to me) breweries – I did three last year so let’s make it harder this December! Sigh. Result: Cheers! I imbibed brews at Port Townsend Brewing Company (Port Townsend), Ghostfish Brewing Company (Seattle), Lost Woods Brewery (Bonney Lake), and Cole Street Brewery (Enumclaw).
  6. Eat a Dick’s Drive-In Deluxe burger – I said I’m putting this on my list every year, did you not believe me? Result: A Deluxe AND a cheeseburger. Extra credit!
  7. Do some outdoorsy things – Hike? Ski? Just get outside. Result: Did a few miles snowshoeing on Mt. Rainer. Ran the Tour de Lights (not quite) 5K in the freezing cold for the Bonney Lake Food Bank.
  8. Write – This blog has seen little activity in recent months, so I’ve hired a few gifted spam bots to craft incredible click bait content and relentlessly post until you cry mercy! Result: I’ve written five posts since I published this. Still have a few more in me somewhere.
  9. See family – That’s why I come home for the holidays, so might as well do it! Result: Saw lots of family, all on my Mom’s side. My uncle and aunt and cousins flew in from Texas too.
  10. Go somewhere I haven’t been to in a while – Vague and unspecific. Just the way I like it, makes it easier to win this list. Result: Went for a drive up to Port Townsend, WA; haven’t been there in quite some time.
  11. Wild Card – Something that might have made this list, if I was smart enough to think of it ahead of time. Result: I’m not smart, so I basically can only think of one thing. I played with puppies! Oh yeah, I also defeated my nephew epically in a snowball fight (with the help of my 3-year old niece).

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