372 for July-August 2017: Miles, Miles, Miles!

I haven’t been putting too many monthly goals together the last year or so, so I suspect this will be a real treat for you. Finally doing another one! The wait must have been excruciating.

This goal is dead simple.


Goal for July-August: Hike, run or bike 372 miles total.


Okay, it’s not that simple. It requires some level of dedication. Humping yourself along for six miles per day is nothing to sneeze at.

And I already know it’s going to be a bear of a goal, as only four miles in, I encountered a flighty black bear on the hiking trail. A mere 30 yards away. Thankfully, we were much scarier to it and it swiftly disappeared into the woods.

You there, try out a similar goal, I bet you can do it too! #motivation #youGoyou #whatevs #hashtag

Onward to sweet success.



In February I made a goal thusly:


February Goal: Take 130 bike rides and win a Gold Medal (from Capital Bikeshare)!

Result: Success!

Here is the fine electronic medal I so richly earned. It’s Gold, baby!

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