La La Lions from Hell, and Other Hidden Fences by the Sea

(Update: I got 7 of 11 correct!)

I relentlessly present with you my 8th annual Oscar predictions!

As always, I suck at this so if you copy me in any way, shape or form, you will do no better than the average monkey. Average monkeys are smart on occasion, especially in how they acquire and fling feces, so don’t fret too much.

For evidence of my suckage, see my results over the last 3 years:

  • 2016: 4 (correct)/11
  • 2015: 8/11
  • 2014: 10/11

I only predict 11 categories (of the 24 total), or what I consider the major categories.

So coming on February 26th, we have the 89th Annual Academy Awards!

You’ll be pleased to learn, I’ve seen all 88 of the previous Best Picture winners…so might as well make my way through this year’s nominees.

So far, I’ve seen 5 of 9.


Best Picture – Up for 14 nominations (tied for most all-time with Titanic and All About Eve), it’s not a stretch to say La La Land is the favorite. Plus it’s filthy with music and dancing and hope and heartbreak.

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130 for February 2017: Bike Rides

Capital Bikeshare has given me a ready-made goal in the form or their Winter Warriors campaign.

No work from my side, except to take a bike ride (or many).

Their challenge goes thus for January and February:

  • Gold Medal: 150+ rides
  • Silver Medal: 75+ rides
  • Bronze Medal: 35+ rides

One’s prize for success is to acquire a ‘digital medal’ and entry into their prize drawings.

I probably rode about 20 times in January, so only 130 more rides to go!!


February Goal: Take 130 bike rides and win a Gold Medal!


Ride it!