One American Sending Open Letters to All of You

I wrote this in the hours after the US Presidential Election. It may not rise above platitudes or say anything that hasn’t been said a million times already, but it represents how I feel and what I was specifically thinking a week ago.

And heck, this is my blog, I can post whatever I so desire! Right?


Dear Citizens that Voted for Trump

On behalf of liberal, college-educated voters, that have friends and family that may not be White or American or Christian, who are apparently out of touch with the realities of our country, who don’t see the blue-collar working class perspective, who don’t understand the anger and hate, who try to value everyone equally and embrace diversity and respect women, who care about our country and take pride in its success and hurt when it fails, I would just like to say:

Point taken. You have our attention. We hope you know what you’re doing.

Fresh off the election, it doesn’t seem like it. We always have tomorrow. So now it’s your chance to help us understand, for tomorrow’s sake.

Please don’t say you hated Hillary. Spite and hate are not acceptable reasons to vote for a man of Trump’s character and values. You represent and believe in more than that. You must. Tell the rest of us what you believe in. Only us, the citizens, can make it a reality, not Trump.

One Confused American


Dear Citizens that Chose Not to Vote in this Election

Don’t let apathy guide you anymore. Do something to make amends, because you have failed this country.

One Pissed Off American


Dear Citizens that Voted for Clinton or any of the 3rd Party Candidates

This is no time to falter or lose hope. Our voices can still be heard. All voices will be heard. Our country has persevered through worse obstacles, and though as a country it is not always pretty and doesn’t always work, it’s still ours to make of as we can.

Eyes are open wide now. Don’t joke about moving out of the country, be present and do something.

One American Standing Tall


Dear Citizens that Cannot Vote in this Country (for whatever reason: age or people who have been incarcerated, etc.)

Your voice matters now more than ever. Use it for change. Use it to influence others. Use it, because a vote is not the only way to express your beliefs.

One Adamant American


Dear People that Immigrated to this Country and Have No Vote

Trump does not represent the America I want to live in. He does not represent me or my beliefs. Do not believe that, as a whole, Americans can be pigeon-holed as one thing or one issue. We do have different views over a range of issues. We are free to choose, we are free to speak, we are free to disagree. That is why you came here, and that is why you are welcome here.

We are again at a very divisive moment in our history, but a moment that doesn’t represent the end, only a continuation of the struggle to be a better place to live. This election may be a step back, on many fronts, but I believe it will lead to many steps forward, because we will accept nothing less.

One American Standing With You