Five Random Photos Shared for January-June ’16

I haven’t been writing much here on A Random Journey in 2016. Feel free to slap me around a little.

Yet, I have been writing, don’t worry, just more on the blog Parklife DC, about happenings in Washington, D.C. Go have a look see, I’ll be here when you get back. For example, things about beer and breweries or concert reviews.

Maybe I’ve forgotten what it means to write/post here. What does Random represent now? The future is still new and bold, we’ll find out.

Since I’ve failed to post my monthly Five Random Photos all year, let’s get frisky. How many photos from 2016 so far should I post? 1000? 50? 10? Yes, zero is an acceptable answer, but too late, I already did not go with that number.

Let’s say…20.


Right Proper Brewing

Hot Chocolate


The Capitol Stone Yard
Kirin and Blossoms

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36 for July: Miles Running

I haven’t done a single Random Goal this year!

Boo, me.

So why not try a goal I have no chance of completing? As mentioned in previous posts, whenever I do a running goal *poof* fail.

But in October I’ll be running the Army Ten-Miler for the third time. In August, I’ll be doing a backpacking trip in Colorado. And I want to run an 8K or 10K sometime before October.

So, the point, I need to train. I need to run baby. Run like Forrest.

It’s already July 7th, so only 24 days left.

July Goal: Run 36 miles

It is on.