65 for October/November: Projects + Miles Running

Whenever I do a goal that features running, I fail. I’m just not a consistent runner. Or maybe just not highly motivated.

I successfully completed the Army Ten-Miler on October 11 (running 8.5 out of 10 miles). I didn’t really train, so I did better than expected time wise and in the ratio of running to walking.

I’m going to try another race in November. Hopefully a 10K (an 8K would be okay), so I will keep the ‘training’ alive for now.

I also need to do some cleaning and sorting around my apartment. I have tons of old clothes to donate, stacks of papers to deal with, and a general amount of ‘what do I do with this old thing?’ to figure out. Maybe I’ll even entertain once the place is immaculate. (Haha, don’t count on it!)


October/November Goal: Complete enough projects in my apartment and run enough miles so they total 65

Let’s get busy!

Stay Strong
Stay Strong