Wait! Don’t Throw Those Pesky Vegetables Away Until You Read This!

If the CSA gives you veggies, you might as well use them!

Wait, those tomatos are fruit...
Wait, those tomatoes are fruit…

‘Just a Burger’ Recipe


  • 1 Roma tomato – sliced
  • 1 Hungarian Hot Wax pepper – sliced
  • 1/8 White onion – sliced
  • 1/8 Green cabbage – de-leafed
  • 2 potato roll buns – toasted
  • 2 hamburger patties – grilled
  • 2 slices Harvarti cheese
  • 2 parts mayo – squeezed
  • 2 parts mustard – squeezed


  1. Slice veggies. Avoid fingers.
  2. Pull off some cabbage leaves. Feed any pet rabbits.
  3. Toast your buns.
  4. Grill your patties. Add cheese until melted.
  5. Squirt mayo and mustard on your buns.
  6. Apply veggies in progressive layers.
  7. Drop a hot mess of meat and cheese on there.
  8. Squish it all together. Don’t worry about presentation, it’s just a burger.
  9. Bite. Chew. Repeat.
  10. Have water handy, in case your Hot Wax pepper is too hot to handle.


Just bread and salad?
Just bread and salad?
Add some blurry meat and cheese!
Add some blurry meat and cheese!





My goal to see a game in every Major League Baseball stadium continues…

I have seven stadiums remaining.

I’m debating between two possible road trips this year in September.

What say you? Which should I pick?

Vote Now! Give ideas!

Option #1: Houston Astros/Texas Rangers

What I could do:

  1. See the Seattle Mariners play the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park a couple of times (Sept. 20-21)
  2. See the Texas Rangers play at Globe Life Park
  3. See the Seattle Sounders FC (soccer) play FC Dallas (Sept. 24)
  4. Eat Texas BBQ
  5. Check out some local breweries in Houston and Dallas (e.g. Saint Arnold Brewery)
  6. See the Johnson Space Center in Houston
  7. Spot a cowboy
  8. Stop in Nashville en route?
  9. Stop in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park en route?


Option #2: St. Louis Cardinals/Kansas City Royals

What I could do:

  1. See the St. Louis Cardinals play at Busch Stadium
  2. See the Kansas City Royals play at Kauffman Stadium
  3. See the St. Louis Rams (football) play on Sept. 21?
  4. Check out Schlafly Tap Room, Anheuser-Busch and other breweries in St. Louis
  5. Check out Boulevard Brewery and others in Kansas City
  6. Eat Kansas City BBQ
  7. Stop in Louisville en route?


Help me decide! Vote!





I’m participating in a community supported agriculture (CSA) half-share this summer. I’m splitting it with others, but I’ll get five weeks worth of veggies to amuse myself with.

This is notable only in that I rarely buy vegetables myself and cook with them. Sometimes I’ll buy an onion for tacos. Sometimes I’ll buy lettuce for salad.

It’s a chore to figure out what to do with all these veggies!

Thus far, I’ve sautéed bok choy in balsamic vinegar. I’ve had a mixed salad with various leafy options. I’ve boiled collard greens and radice and fava beans with an assortment of sauces. I’ve made leaf tacos. I’ve chopped up all sorts of stuff and put it in scrambled eggs.

I still have three more weeks coming in the next few months, let’s see what I can do!


What do we have here?
What do we have here?


Sautéed bok choy plus...kale? Sadly, yes.
Sautéed bok choy plus…kale? Sadly, yes.




Boiled greens
Boiled greens


Taco? Why yes!
Taco? Why yes!


Eat it!

Note: For those of you that recognize the inherent contradiction in this blog post’s title, I apologize. For those of you that don’t, I’m an avowed anti-abbreviationist (especially bad acronyms…). But it rhymed. I’m not above self-contradiction.


‘Optimism: Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.’ – Oxford Dictionary

Safeco Field
Safeco Field

As a long-suffering Seattle sports fan, it’s hard to be optimistic about our chances of winning. Anything. We’ve been burned too many times.

So, it is with only a mild case of trepidation that I say, there is reason for optimism this year.

After the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in February, suddenly my eyes are open. There is a bit of confidence. And lots of hope.


1) The Seattle Mariners are 7 games over .500 and the 5th best team in the American League. They beat the best team 2 out of 3 games going into the All-Star break. Say what? Optimism has set in.

2) The Seattle Sounders FC are far and away the best team in Major League Soccer (MLS) so far, at 10 points clear of the 2nd best team. They’ve outclassed everyone. They look unbeatable. Optimism.

3) The new women’s soccer team, Seattle Reign, is 13-1-3 (42 points) and 9 points clear of 2nd place. Although I’ve never watched a game, optimism.

4) The Washington Huskies football team has a new coach, a new stadium and a new attitude. Win. And for the first time in a long time, I believe it. Optimism.

5) And the Seattle Seahawks are again projected to be one of the best teams in the NFL. I say they win the Super Bowl again. Confidence.


P.S. If you don’t care about sports, I’m also optimistic for other reasons. You just wouldn’t know from this post!


This is My Dawg on Dog Treats

The reign continues! Kuma is victorious in his 6th consecutive Hill Rag Pet Photo Contest. All Hail Kuma!

This time he won Honorable Mention in the Funniest Category.

Not his best effort, but every reign has a few bumps now and then.

I think the fault lies in his master’s lack of initiative in staging just the right photo. Just the right caption. Just the right angle or action shot.

Oh well, his master is too busy taking selfies or something.

Here is his winning entry:

A True DC Dawg
A True DC Dawg


Here is the 2nd, non-winning, entry (and yes, I’ve posted this before):

Jeremy and Kuma go to White Castle.
Jeremy and Kuma go to White Castle.


To see the Hill Rag’s complete Pet Photo Contest, click this link:


To find Kuma, go to Page 49 out of 180

Note: The Best Dog winner is also a wiener dog!


Archive of Kuma Awesomeness

2007 – Best of the Rest

2009 – Best of the Rest

2010 – 3rd Place in Funniest Category

2011 – Honorable Mention in Most Laid Back Category

2012 – Best in Cleverest Category

2013 – Honorable Mention in Best Caption Category

2014 – Honorable Mention in Funniest Category

35 for July: Projects + Miles Running

Here at the Random Journey headquarters in Washington, D.C., we’ve decided to get a lot crazy in July.

The super nutty, wacky, absurd, foolish, cray cray sort of crazy.


Because I plan on doing projects around my apartment (cleaning, sorting, putting together, drudgery) AND running a butt load of miles.

Now why would I do such a stupid thing as cleaning? Or running, for that matter?


Dare I say, my apartment needs it. And I haven’t been supportive of my apartment’s needs thus far. When the dust bunnies are breeding like regular bunnies, that’s a clue.

Running is a different level of craziness. I signed up to run the Army 10-miler in October. I have about 3-1/2 months to figure out how to either run 10 miles or find a way to cheat during the race. Time will tell which way I go.


July Goal: Complete enough projects in my apartment and run enough miles so they total 35


Let’s get ready!

Not ready for this...
Not ready for this…


Random iPod Playlist: Firefly Music Festival 2014

From June 19-22, I gallivanted around the Woodlands in Dover, Delaware for the 3rd Annual Firefly Music Festival.

This was my second visit to Firefly (see what happened last time). I may say more about it, but for now, here’s a playlist of most of the bands and artists I saw.

  1. ‘I’m Not Your Hero’ by Tegan and Sara
  2. ‘Hash Pipe’ by Weezer
  3. ‘Come With Me Now’ by Kongos
  4. ‘Laredo’ by Band of Horses
  5. ‘All The Days’ by Haerts
  6. ‘Red Hands’ by Walk Off the Earth
  7. ‘Dreaming’ by Smallpools
  8. ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ by Arctic Monkeys
  9. ‘Where It’s At’ by Beck
  10. ‘Think of You’ by MS MR
  11. ‘I Believe’ by Basic Vacation
  12. ‘Money Tree’ by Caroline Glaser
  13. ‘I Got’ by Young the Giant
  14. ‘Paris’ by Magic Man
  15. ‘Never Let You Go’ by Third Eye Blind
  16. ‘Harlem’ by New Politics
  17. ‘Twisted Tongue’ by Misterwives
  18. ‘Hell and Back’ by Airborne Toxic Event
  19. ‘Tom Sawyer’ (Rush cover) by Imagine Dragons
  20. ‘All My Life’ by Foo Fighters
  21. ‘Ways To Go’ by Grouplove



  1. ‘Buddy Holly’ by Weezer


Jam on!
Don't stop the music!
Don’t stop the music!