One Taco, Two Taco, Fish Taco, Big Taco

For my random goal in June, metrics to measure success are few. Taco bingeing? So I’m making an executive decision.

June Goal: Try as many different tacos as possible.

Result: Success!

It’s true. I basically took it easy in June. But let’s look at some of the metrics I can employ. You may find cause to judge me harshly and unfavorably, but I will still sleep well tonight.

TacoMetrics (patent pending)

  • 49 total tacos eaten
  • 21 homemade tacos eaten
  • 7 new taco places tried
  • 5 fish tacos eaten
  • 1.63 tacos per day
  • 1 big taco eaten

Good tacos

  • TaKorean BBQ’s (both the food truck and the stand in Union Market): Bulgogi Steak taco
  • The Big Board’s Taco Tuesday: Mahi Mahi taco
  • Tacos El Chilango’s: Chorizo taco
  • District Taco: Al Pastor taco

Not so good

  • District Taco: Fish taco
Just a taco
Just a taco
Tacos El Chilango
Tacos El Chilango
Big Taco
Big Taco

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