The Wiener Also Rises

The annual Hill Rag Pet Photo Contest has cast its penetrating light on the dogs and cats of D.C.’s Capitol Hill. This hotbed of pet perfection is well represented by the Wiener Dog, the Greatest Breed. Having said that, few wiener dogs actually make the pages of the Hill Rag. A strange and sad phenomenon, only made better by Kuma, the Wiener Dog.

For the fifth consecutive year, Kuma has graced the Hill Rag with his winning personality and wit. One more year, and he’ll be named Editor-in-Chief of the whole publication!

This year he gets ‘Honorable Mention’ in the Best Caption Category.

Wiener dogs are cute. Wiener dogs are feisty. Wiener dogs are winners.

Honorable Mention: 'Did you get my good side?'
Honorable Mention: ‘Did you get my good side?’
Other Entry: 'I'm 10! Where's my cake?'
Other Entry: ‘I’m 10! Where’s my cake?’

Archive of Kuma Awesomeness

2007 – Best of the Rest

2009 – Best of the Rest

2010 – 3rd Place in Funniest Category

2011 – Honorable Mention in Most Laid Back Category

2012 – Best in Cleverest Category

2013 – Honorable Mention in Best Caption Category

Down the Rabbit Hole

Washington, D.C. is infinite possibilities. There is always more. There is always something to be discovered. Or tasted. Or seen. Or experienced.

With that in mind, I often walk or bike around different areas of the city. To explore. To find those little known places.

The city is 61.4 square miles (of land…plenty of water activities too), so if you’re always seeking something new, you’re golden.

I found myself hiking west on P St NW from Dupont Circle and after crossing the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway overpass, I spied a lonely trail disappearing into the woods. The path could only drop precipitously once you entered the dark line of trees.

Should I divert and go down the rabbit hole? Yes.

What can we find in this city…











One Taco, Two Taco, Fish Taco, Big Taco

For my random goal in June, metrics to measure success are few. Taco bingeing? So I’m making an executive decision.

June Goal: Try as many different tacos as possible.

Result: Success!

It’s true. I basically took it easy in June. But let’s look at some of the metrics I can employ. You may find cause to judge me harshly and unfavorably, but I will still sleep well tonight.

TacoMetrics (patent pending)

  • 49 total tacos eaten
  • 21 homemade tacos eaten
  • 7 new taco places tried
  • 5 fish tacos eaten
  • 1.63 tacos per day
  • 1 big taco eaten

Good tacos

  • TaKorean BBQ’s (both the food truck and the stand in Union Market): Bulgogi Steak taco
  • The Big Board’s Taco Tuesday: Mahi Mahi taco
  • Tacos El Chilango’s: Chorizo taco
  • District Taco: Al Pastor taco

Not so good

  • District Taco: Fish taco
Just a taco
Just a taco
Tacos El Chilango
Tacos El Chilango
Big Taco
Big Taco

190 for July: Miles

It’s that time again. Time to start sweating and surviving heat strokes in the D.C. humidity.

Since my last two random monthly goals were about eating food, I should get back into an exercise routine this month.

July Goal: Run, hike or bike 190 total miles.

Last time I did a goal like this (July, 2012), I ended up doing well over half of the miles while biking (63% of the total), so I’m instituting a condition this month.

No single activity can exceed 43% of the total. Maximum biking is: 81.70 miles.

That’s also why I’m doing less total than last year – it’s harder to get in running and hiking miles as they take more time.

Sweat it out!