I Promised You Roses…

…but I’m giving you skunk cabbage. Breathe deeply.

That’s right, I promised to write about all kinds of adventures, instead I’m writing about television shows. I need to practice first. To get back into fine form.*
It’s the start of the Fall TV season. I’m nothing if not timely.*
This season is the swan song for many of my favorite shows. One I lament. The others had their day in the sun and they can go in peace.
There is also a bevy of new shows I might check out.
*This is likely sarcasm.

Last Season Swan Song

Breaking Bad – Brilliant show and the fifth and final season will be amazing. Every minute of this show is a case study in becoming a villain. With the obvious plotline that prevents this show from continuing indefinitely, it’s good it can end on a high note.

Fringe – Say it isn’t so! Sad to see this show end after only five seasons. I’m glad it has a final 13 episodes to provide closure, rather than simply being canceled.

The Office – A great show that slowly eroded. Now in the 9th and final season, that’s two years too long. Thank you Micheal and Dwight for making our own office work environment seem reasonable.

30 Rock – A show that is brilliant, funny and did all it needed to do. Thanks TGS, we want to go to there. And we did.

New Shows – Might Have Potential

Arrow – Superhero alert! Green Arrow meets television. It looks interesting.

Revolution – The next big event Sci-Fi serialized drama. I’m always going to bite on these…but the track record is not good. For example, V (terrible and gone), Terra Nova (not great and gone), FlashForward (good but gone), Caprica (brilliant but gone).

Vegas – Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis. In the 60’s. In a certain city.


Returning Shows I’m Excited For

The Walking Dead – The real threat is not the zombies, but the people at odds living and surviving.

Homeland – Just great.

Community – Let the zaniness begin! Funniest show on TV. The writers are willing to try anything and the cast does a brilliant job of putting all the meta-meta themes and pop culture references together into something that is wild and crazy and fun.

Sad, But True

It’s sad I haven’t had time to write anything recently. My brain is so bursting with ideas, I have random words leaking out and dribbling down my chin. I’m so full of (word deleted)*, I can barely stand still, let alone think clearly.

I need to divulge the copious quantities of (deleted)* onto this blank canvas. Opuses need to be composed. Snapshots of singular moments need to be shared. Witty banter needs to be deployed, then redacted, then surged. Observations of questionable value need to be tested against the Socrates method. Art must imitate life. This is your fair warning to run and hide. Sad, but true, it won’t end well for anyone.

I was traveling for a month. California, Washington state and Thailand. Then in the first nine days back to Washington, D.C., I hit three concerts (read reviews – Ladyhawke, Dragonette and Bloc Party); organised my flag football team plus played one game and refereed another; organised my volleyball team plus played one match; attempted to jog more; started the new fantasy football season; AND worked crazy amounts.

And it’s still crazy. Attending a wedding in St. Louis, then in New York for a long weekend (to see the Mets) and then back to Thailand for a week. And more flag football. And more volleyball. And just everything. Viewing parties of the Washington Huskies football team. Watching the Seattle Seahawks. Oh and I have to use my Groupon for skydiving soon.

But I do have lots of posts coming. The question is when? Or is the question why? I never remember.

Maybe I could write a little something about Cyprus? The Firefly Music Festival? River kayaking? Food trucks? California? Let me ruminate on it…

Yours Truly
A Random Journey

* I removed the word ‘content‘ out of respect to my more sensitive readers. Most of whom won’t reach the end of this blog post and therefore will never know what they missed.