Universal Leaf Day

Given the preponderence of ‘days’ commemorating everything under the sun, I think we need more. Let’s not settle.

In this spirit, I proclaim today ‘Universal Leaf Day’! Let the parties start!

Since this is such a special day, let’s celebrate by looking at some leaves.











Three Years, 132 Posts and Not a Rash of Wit

Today is special. Really special. It’s the 11th day of November (being the 11th month), in the 2011th year after that Jesus guy was born (actually he was probably born around 2 BC or so …so it really should be like 2009). Also, for you numerous Chinese readers, it is the year of the tenderly cooked and elegantly seasoned Rabbit, in the 4709th year since some dynasty or other began.

In other news, today marks the 3-Year Anniversary of this A Random Journey blog. Woo. Or more accurately, it’s a future National holiday. A day to go down in infamy. A day to replace Veteran’s Day.

I hired the crack research team, Kuma Consulting, to do some trending analysis and feed me the stats about this blog I most want to believe.

Random Stats

1) Total posts: 132

2) Total posts with an audience benefit ratio of +/- 20%: Three

3) Total posts about wieners: Nine (88% of those included the word ‘dog’)

4) Total posts posted in the presence of an adult beverage: 103 (48% of those as a direct result of)

5) Total posts about nothing: Zero (the legal department recommended falsifying this stat to avoid being by sued by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld)

6) Love connections made by reading this blog: Data withheld (the legal department asks for your cute interns to call in to arrange for an info swapping meet and greet)

7) Total number of people impacted by this blog: Six (apology letters are already in the mail)

8 ) Number of random music playlists: Nine

9) Minutes wasted by readers searching for valuable nuggets of content in this blog: Varied results

10) Number of posts featured on ‘Freshly Pressed’ (on the WordPress.com homepage): One

11) Number of @ARandomJourney Twitter tweets: 199

12) Most posts under one category: 49 (Category: Travel)

13) Google ranking when you type in ‘A Random Journey’: #1

Here’s a pie chart to give the appearance of evidence-based data:

Official Pie Chart