Flight of the Cessna

When you want to fly the friendly skies, let me tell you where to go. Go to a freshly certified (certifiable?) pilot waving his (probably fake) license from the cockpit of a 1968 Cessna. Bring your own peanuts and check in advance for plenty of barf bags.

The flight of the Cessna set out from Thun Field Airport (Pierce County, WA), flew over the rooftops of our family’s houses, buzzed motorboats on Lake Tapps, flitted by Northwest Trek, invaded the airspace of McChord Air Force Base, ventured over the Puget Sound, escaped the gun sights of the McNeil Island prison, jetted past the Narrows Bridge and had a peek at the top of the Tacoma Dome, all before crash landing on the Lost island.*

Let’s relive the action together…

Too many misters, not enough sisters at Thun Field
Planes of the world
A wing and a mountain
Propeller? Check
Rudder? Check
No banana in the tailpipe? Check

Flight Crew? Check. Pilot (left) and Stewardess (right)
Gauges and yokes? Check
The most beautiful gauge in the plane (depending on the plane)
Whole plane? Check
It's business time
My parent's 'hood

Lake Tapps
Lake Tapps
Somewhere near Enunclaw
Up high, like 2500 feet
Tacoma Narrows airfield and the Puget Sound
Tacoma Dome, I-5 and beautiful parking lots
A smooth landing at Thun Field? Yes!

* The crash landing on the Lost island may or may not have been a figment of the author’s imagination. Much like the finale of Lost, this will remain a mystery.

Things I’d Be Terrified Of, If I Hadn’t Conquered All Fear

Most people still get scared from time to time. I, on the other hand, have found the formula* that conquers all fear.

Nothing can pierce my fear armor. All fear bounces off me like water on a duck’s back. Fear fears me. Before this superhero transformation happened, there were probably some things I might get worked up over and flee from in sheer, blind terror. So in the spirit of ‘relating to my readers’, I list a few things I would probably be terrified of, if I still had the capacity to fear anything:

…that house calling, high-on-life Mormon/Jehovah Witness knocking on my door. Should I hide under the bed? Did they already hear me moving around? WHAT DO I DO? HELP!!!

…that intoxicated, barely standing, incoherent homeless person that wants to give me scabies or look for lost coins in my pockets.

…Oakland Raiders’ fans. Any sports fan from Philadelphia. People that watched XFL (Xtreme Football League) when it existed.

…that stud-collared rottweiler that enjoys hunting the slow and weak and savours the sweet, sweet taste of my crushed windpipe.

…standing on the edge of a precipitously high cliff, without the benefit of a guard rail, a rope or me not being anywhere near the cliff in the first place.


…those typical blood-curdling screams one hears when walking alone in the woods at night.

…those unflushed, overflowing public toilets after a particularly harrowing (but delicious) binge of unidentifiable street food in some random country.

…being the last in line for Thanksgiving desert and not getting any pumpkin pie.#

…those surely to be lurking lake sea monsters swimming right under my flailing legs as I bob helplessly after an epic waterskiing crash. Why isn’t the boat coming back  faster? AHH! I CAN SEE DARK SHAPES MOVING!

…that person with the painted chest, screaming himself hoarse while I’m trying to enjoy watching my sports team beat his sports team. When he goes silent and looks in my direction, I used to run.

…Donald Trump for President.

…being left alone with someone’s grandparents that I’ve never met before. Me: ‘So…do you blog?’ (looks of confusion. silence.) Me: ‘Ah, well…Jon Stewart is hilarious, no? (Grandpa leaves.) Me: ‘Hmmm…can I take a photo of your cat? LOL.’  Grandma: ‘Don’t you come back here no more!’


* Formula: Two parts self-denial, a dash of delusion, a pinch of overconfidence, crushed ice and a splash of aguardiente. Shaken not stirred. Set to flame. Serve.

** I’m still shuttering from remembering when I used to shutter when viewing these stupid cat photos.

# I used to get night sweats and bolt upright in bed while dreaming of this terrifying possibility.