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I’ve written about a few bad things lately (Foremost Things That Are So Unnecessary and Things That Rub Me Wrong), so now a little love for the good things.

(American) Football season – regardless of what you call it (gridiron does have a nice ring), there are few things that have a more a passionate following than college and professional football. Go Huskies! Go Seahawks!

Coffee shops – read a book, sip a coffee, breathe in the atmosphere, relax.

Beer on tap – no matter where you drink your beer, whether it’s German pints at Biergarten Haus or cask ales at Churchkey or just a frothy pint at the local dive bar, everyone needs a cold one. Probably now.

Wine tastings – raise pinky finger, swirl the contents of your glass, sniff, sip, swish around in your mouth, swallow, gulp the rest, fill glass, repeat.

New things – new restaurants popping up on H street NE or new CDs and books or new places to visit or new episodes of your favorite TV show or new types of food to try or a new season of your favorite sport or new friends or anything new!

Hiking/Nature – get outside, tie your boot laces, shoulder your backpack, listen to the creek babble and the trees rustle, sniff the flowers, take a photo of the disinterested bear, wait patiently for the rattlesnake to leave the trail, take a ‘break’ far away from the poison oak, smile.

Wiener dogs – the only question is whether one is enough!

Hammocks – to nap in the shade is a must on a hot summer day. Ice cold beer within reach.

Baseball – try to visit all Major League stadiums or crave a foot long hot dog or feel the crisp evening air on your face or root for your favorite players, just enjoy yourself already.

Music – go to a concert, hear new music, listen to old favorites, take the iPod Touch everywhere, get stoked by band reunions, dance (preferably not you) in the streets.

Good books – read the Millenium trilogy or tales of trekking through the Brazilian Amazon or anything by Bill Bryson or whatever books you can’t do without.


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As always, my mood vastly improves when I get hold of an issue of Entertainment Weekly elucidating a comprehensive review of upcoming movies, music or television shows. So, with great anticipation I list a few of the new TV shows that look promising. No guarantee I’ll have time to watch any of them, but that’s a minor detail.

Interesting New TV Shows for 2010-2011 Season

  1. No Ordinary Family – about a superhero family. With Michael Chiklis, the Thing from Fantastic Four and the badass cop in the brilliant The Shield.
  2. Nikita – oh oh! Babe alert!
  3. Boardwalk Empire – a look at gangsters in the 1920’s Prohibition era? Okay!
  4. Outsourced – based in India, a comedy about outsourcing all of our customer service work overseas. Indeed.
  5. Hawaii Five-O – with Grace Park (Battlestar Galatica) and Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) cast in this ‘remake’, I’m ready for the beach and The Ventures’ theme song all over again!


TV Shows to Keep Watching At All Costs

  • Fringe – here’s hoping season three will bend your mind as much as the first two seasons.
  • Mad Men – it keeps winning Emmys for “Outstanding Drama Series’ (three in a row). Could there be a reason?
  • CSI – still going strong. Whooooo aaaare youuuu?
  • Dexter – you will have nightmares.
  • 30 Rock – I want to go to there.


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Things That Rub Me Wrong

Read at your own risk.

Plastic water bottles – unless you are traveling in a country where the water options are of dubious and mysterious quality, there is no need to buy water in a plastic bottle. We live in the United States of America. We have everything, including tap water that the Olympic gods would be proud to dribble down their chins. And if that still isn’t good enough, we have more filtering options than Zeus has offspring. It’s ridiculous that we spend so much money polluting our planet with bottles filled in someone’s bathtub or straight from the garden hose at the bottling plant. You are not getting artisan spring water or dew drops from Eden, so stop buying water in plastic bottles. Capish? (On a Positive Note: In one scenario where you may be stuck buying bottled water, a concert, I was pleasantly surprised that Lollapalooza’s water offerings came in recycled cartons made from paper. Woo.)

Bottle service – $300 for a tiny table and a $30 bottle of liquor? Ah yes, I see your logic. I don’t blame the clubs or restaurants that charge for this service, they are only taking advantage of stupidity. I blame the fools that plop down good money to wallow in their own pretension.

Bathroom dudes – Bathroom attendant, why oh why do you exist? Why can’t a guy use the toilet in the privacy he so desires? Why do I need help turning on the faucet, applying soap and getting a towel? Frankly, I don’t. In the realm of pointless jobs, this has to be among the most unnecessary. A friend reminded me that in this time of recession, everyone needs a job. No. Not if it involves smiling knowingly at me after I’ve just finished my business and offering an array of scented soaps. No. In an age where you can’t do anything without having to tip someone for some nonservice, I choose to not hand over my hard-earned dollar bills to you, bathroom attendant. Believe it.

DC cab drivers – for every one cab driver that is decent and wants to confide in you about how crazy all the other cab drivers are, there are ten that are actually crazy. And of course the decent one is still a dangerous driver. None can drive worth a lick, most are rude, and they all charge nit-picking fees…$1.50 for a piece of luggage in the trunk? A wait time charge at traffic lights? Bah!

‘The Power of Print’ campaign – I happen to read and like a few magazines. But I cannot understand an ad campaign of full-page spreads on why magazines are still viable and will not die in the digital age. The obvious message they are trying to disspell is that print media are a dying breed. And maybe, someday soon, they will die. But why target an ad at someone already reading a magazine?!?! Why are you telling me that print is alive and well, when I’m already holding your product in my hand? I’m confused. Maybe you should try getting your message out via other media channels! Just saying.

Justin Bieber – can anyone explain why a 16 year-old Canadian kid from YouTube fame, with only a couple of questionable teen-pop hits to his credit, has suddenly taken over the world?  Music, Twitter, book deals, FunnyOrDie.com videos, acting gigs on TV shows, and on. It never ends and its only going to get worse. We just live in his world. Someone please stop the madness! Whoever orchestrated this hostile Bieberesque takeover, tense up for a punch to the throat.

Cupcake Craze – $3.50 for a single speciality cupcake? No thanks, I’ll stick to two mashed together Hostess cupcakes for $.99. Enough said.

Whew. I feel better already.

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