Colombia In Pictures

In my eternal laziness, I haven’t put finger to keyboard to write anything about my recent trip to Colombia. Simply to whet your appetite (and appear like I’ve accomplished something), here are a few photos.

View of Medellín, Colombia
View of Medellín, Colombia
Metrocable (gondola lift)
El Pueblito Paisa, Medellín
Otra mariposa amarilla
La Finca
La Finca otra vez
Bandeja paisa
View from El Peñón
El Peñón

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Humble Me

In a recent blog post, I called out the losers that had left their dog’s doo doo to freeze in the deep snow after the DC blizzard. And not surprisingly, shortly after that, I (not them) happened to take a mighty step into one of these piles of squishy foulness.

I didn’t realise my blunder until these faint whiffs of stink kept wafting around my cubicle desk. Was that you? Looking around I finally noticed the pressed, brown blob caked to the bottom of my shoe. After removing my shoe and dignity, I begin to scrap the gruesome mush from my sole. Early on I discovered that this would be no easy task. My shoe has a nice, detailed logo that received the full force of the poo. Using such tools as a coffee stirrer and wet paper towels, I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to work the sludge out from between the tiny cracks and letters of the logo. To this day, there remains the bits I couldn’t quite get.

I have been humbled. Did it teach me to keep my mouth shut? Nah, not so much.

Humble – (verb) to lower in condition, importance, or dignity; abase.

Stanley Flattens The Mall

Episode II

As a curious tourist to the nation’s capital, Flat Stanley decided to explore the famous National Mall with its memorials, monuments and museums. He donned his special snow suit once again and set out on a trek that would take him to the far-flung corners of Washington, D.C. Please look away now, if you don’t want to experience a flat journey songs will be written about.

Flat Stanley climbs a snow bank and lo! the US Capital building is in sight.

So Close!

Whipping whimsically in the wind, Flat Stanley looks out over the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial in the distance.

Don’t let go!
Use both hands

Sadly, the blizzard broke lots of trees and branches nearby.

Scotch tape won’t help this tree

Flat Stanley walks around the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, and discovers FDR sitting quietly, thinking. Not to miss an opportunity, Stanley jumps up on his lap for a photo-op.

I Think Therefore I Am

Stanley gives Fala, FDR’s trusty Scotty dog, a biscuit in exchange for a photo.

Nice doggie

President Lincoln’s Memorial looks out over the National Mall. The sheer size of the buildings and statues makes Stanley seem so small.

Did you get my good side?

Flat Stanley says hi to Lincoln.

Is Abe looking at me? Awkward.

Flat Stanley peeks at the White House from the safety of behind the fence. Yet he wants to jump over and find President Obama to shake hands, but too many snipers wait diligently atop the roof. Stanley doesn’ t like being shot.

No Obama in sight

Flat Stanley is pretty tired after all that being carried around. He needs a nap.

Stay tuned for more…will Flat Stanley finally meet President Obama? Will he find any friends at all in DC? Will DC be the last city he visits? All this and more on the next episode…