Random iPod Playlist: There’s That Word Again

  1. I Owe You A Love Song“, Shiny Toy Guns
  2. All You Need Is Love“, The Beatles
  3. You Can’t Hurry Love“, Phil Collins
  4. Power of Love“, Huey Lewis & The News
  5. You Look So Good In Love“, George Strait
  6. That’s What Love Is For“, Amy Grant
  7. Love Walks In“, Van Halen
  8. Sunshine Of Your Love“, Cream
  9. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)”, The White Stripes
  10. Say You Love Me“, Fleetwood Mac
  11. Hero Of Love“, Live
  12. Love Changes (Everything)”, Climie Fisher
  13. All The Love In The World“, The Corrs
  14. Only Love“, Wynonna Judd
  15. In Walked Love“, Exposé
  16. Pride (In The Name of Love)“, U2
  17. Best Of My Love“, The Eagles
  18. The Game Of Love“, Santana
  19. One Sweet Love“, Sara Bareilles
  20. Interstate Love Song“, Stone Temple Pilots

Seems pretty comprehensive. Have we left anything out?


A Few Links From This Here Internet Thing

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Play the tiniest Pac Man ever (and other fun games)



Watch random French CGI animation shorts about bugs

http://www.minuscule.tv/ or type in “Minuscule” on YouTube

11 Best Movies of 2008 (and 5 worst)

In the year that was 2008, I managed to subliminally see 105 movies. Some on a plane. Some on a couch. Some in a theatre. Here are the best and worst:


11. WALL-E – loves EVE! And the human race has a fat ass future in store. What else is new, except Pixar once again doing what they do best? Entertaining us.

10. The Counterfeiters – What would you do to survive a Nazi internment camp? Well, if you knew anything about making counterfeit dollars and pounds, probably flood the world with the perfect counterfeit money.

9. Sicko – Michael Moore’s peek into the health care industry is probably something you should care about. But what do I care?

8. In Bruges – Colin Farrell is finally in a good movie!

7. Definitely, Maybe – I’m a sucker for Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz. Put them all together and stir.

6. Persepolis – A look at the life of a young woman growing up in Iran, then leaving and trying to re-integrate after the fall of the Shah and the new rule of the Islamic fundamentalists. BTW – it’s a cartoon.

5. The Bank Job – Could you rob a bank without messing it up? Not likely, and these guys are no exception. Best new torture instrument: a heat gun! 

4. Enchanted – Oops, I’m also a sucker for Amy Adams, cartoons and merry songs.

3. The Visitor – This guy befriends the squatters in his never used New York apartment; he learns life lessons, plays the drums, gets caught up in the fiasco that is US immigration, falls in love. That type of stuff.

2. Iron Man – Robert Downey, Jr. in a flying, ass-kicking movie.

1. The Dark Knight – Someone, somewhere is trying to write something new about this movie. Not me.



I saw three of these movies on an airplane…and as I ate the tasteless airplane food, my mood grew darker with each passing minute.

5. Journey to the Center of the Earth – Brendan Fraser sucks. Please stop making movies?

4. The Happening – M. Night Shyamalan is officially squeezing out turds. Mark Wahlberg is a badass, and you turn him into a wuss? Why, oh why?

3. You Don’t Mess With the Zohan – Okay, point taken. Take heed.

2. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – The only thing wonderful about this, is…it rhymes? Nope, not even that.

1. Meet the Spartans – Do not meet these guys. Stay away. Stay far away.

Random Snow Play

When confronted with copious quantities of snow in every direction, one may wonder what the best ways to enjoy it are. Here are a few ideas:

Blizzard Bowl ’08   As the New York Jets battled the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field, an epic blizzard waged war on the fans. We were able to fight back by throwing snowballs at each other (e.g. Jets fans) and the onto the field (e.g. Jets players). That it was also cold and wet is hardly worth mentioning as the Seahawks defeated the Jets, 13-3. P.S. I was not among the snowball throwers!

360° Pirouettes   Minding my own business on Highway 410 in Sumner, WA, while blazing through snow and ice, I suddenly found myself struggling to keep control of my non-snowmobile (car). Then I implemented a complete wild 360° and miraculously finished in the same lane, going in the same direction. But not before a big truck slammed on its brakes behind me. Fresh underwear not included.

Night Skiing   A few hours of skiing at Boreal Ski Resort in California, should relax one. Just stay on the lighted runs…they don’t like it when you stray.

Tire Chains and Mountain Passes   Spending 2-1/2 hours to cross Donner Pass, California in chains is always a good way to enjoy the snow. Or not.

Ice slipping and Photo Ops   Watch your step while trying to take scenic photographs of the pristine Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoo. Those that had come before, turned the area into an ice rink of absolute slipperiness. But, as we all know,  any good photo op entails a bit of danger.

Xmas Snowballs for Dad   Possibly the best single use of snow is the making of snowballs. The best single use of any snowball is throwing it at someone. The best single way to anger your Dad is for him to be the target of said snowballs while he tries to free his car from the deep snow. He gets anger management courses for Christmas next year.

Snow stories? Do share.